Why Is This Famous Yellow Painting So Popular

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Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (1907) is one of the most famous paintings in history. The painting can be classified as impressionism, because it has an unusual appearance. Its format and style are very unique. It is a realistic portrait of a couple at a point in their wedding preparations, taken from a rural house in Arles. Picasso’s choice of a rural house and its setting forms the background for the painting. The two figures are at a point where they are about to have a wedding cake cut by a friend or family member, and a voice off-screen says “Les demoiselles d’avignon, les couleurs et les bras” – “The handsome Couleurs, the handsome women and the beautiful cakes.”

Yellow Ochre

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The yellow ochre used in this painting is quite unique. It is a traditional yellow color that is sometimes associated with mourning and death. Historically, this hue was thought to symbolize youth and vitality. Yellow was also thought to represent change. Picasso borrowed this hue from the local pharmacy, where he worked as a young man. When he returned home, he opened his own pharmacy and decided to use the yellow ochre as one of his primary colors.

As is often the case with great artists, there is considerable controversy regarding which painting is his. There are a number of artists who claim credit for this painting, and it is not clear whether Picasso actually created this work. It is most likely that this is his only painting of the couple, as his career would most likely have continued into his old age, when he would most likely have painted mostly blacks and white. The yellow ochre and the dress of the couple look very similar to early works by Picasso, and some even believe that the yellow ochre was inspired by the bride and groom’s dress on the left side of the painting, as Picasso took much of his color palette from this color.

Worldwide Icon

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Regardless of who actually did this painting, the painting that has become a worldwide icon is truly remarkable. The yellow ochre makes the couple look like they are ducking an arrow, while at the same time, makes them appear as if they are part of the action in the painting. This famous painting has been displayed in many of the world’s famous museums, including the Louvre in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Today, the painting is a popular item on t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and other accessories. Its popularity has not diminished since its inception. More people see the painting and are asking who created it. Most likely, the famous yellow couple was inspired by a real event that happened in Picasso’s life. Whether it was his experience living in Barcelona, working with the Zaha Hadid Architects, or a trip to Mexico, it is not known.

Inclusion Of The Yellow Color Into The Palette

One interesting fact about the painting is that it inspired the inclusion of the yellow color into the palette of many famous painters. Benidine Grosch caused the famous yellow ochre to be used heavily in the later works of Mona Lisa. Andy Warhol included it in his art series entitled “Seascape.” Even Jack Nicholson borrowed some of Grosch’s design for his movie “psycho”, which was released in 1970. Regardless of who actually did this amazing yellow masterpiece, the painting remains a favorite and has actually sold more times over than any other work of art in history.

Summing Up

One should not settle for anything less than the best when it comes to art reproduction. With the reproduction of this famous oil painting by these galleries, one will have a chance to own a piece of art that is one of a kind. This painting is part of the early American heritage and will bring a smile to ones face whenever they see it. This painting was once owned by a well to do couple who had it framed in their home. Today, this painting can be seen all over the world.

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