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There are many different types of painting styles art used by famous painters. However, not all of these painting styles were created equal. Some of the most well-known painting styles have been around for centuries, while others only began to gain popularity in the nineteenth century. Some of these styles include impressionism, impressionist, French Impressionism, and art nouveau. Each one of these painting styles had a major influence on the other genres of painting that came later.

An Overview

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Impressionism is considered the first popular style. Impressionist painting styles tend to be colorful and bright, while the subjects are usually small. Subjects in this genre are usually very realistic. Parisian Impressionists such as Paul Gauguin, Paul Durand-Ruel and Edouard Vuetto painted beautiful works that had bright colors and a bright use of color. Inspired by everyday objects, Impressionist artists also made works with architectural elements such as furniture and architecture. Portrait painting by Paul Gauguin helped him develop his style even further into something more distinct.

Impressionists are commonly grouped with the French movement. Impressionist paintings are characterized by dark hues, strong brush strokes and unique shapes. Examples of this style are The Night Cafe (1901), The Wash (1901), The Seated Woman (1901) and The Longueville Smile (1901). In addition, some early versions of this style included a wealth of geometric figures which helped to distinguish this genre painting from the rest of the art history painting styles. Examples of this style include The Lines (late nineteenth century), Seated Woman with Curtain (repreneurial), Le Smoking (repreneurial), The Longueville Smile, The Decay of Lilies (Augustine), The Seasons (zanne), Still Life with Cactus (Claude Lorimer), The Seasons (amygdala), Vase with Butterfly and Bird (zanine), Vase with Fruit and Flower (Maxwell).

Best Painting Style

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Cubism is one of the new popular painting styles in the art scene. Cubists make use of distorted and twisted images to produce appealing works of art. Some of these artists have already achieved recognition in their field of work, while most of them still remain unknown. Works of such artists include Starry Night (granny), Irises (Spencer & Gibson), Dance (Banksy), I Know (eds), My Kind (van Gogh), Play (Koolhaas), Girl (van Gogh), Landscape with Figures (van Gogh), Sun (impressionism), Trees (Spencer & Gibson), Sea (impressionism), Sunflowers (Watte). Cubism can also be applied to fine art painting.

Post-impressionistic art has been growing in popularity since the mid-twentieth century. The style is characterized by images that appear to exist outside of our experience. This style is particularly known for examples such as Manet, Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Fauvism, Monet, Degas, and Cezanne. Artworks made within this style often portray feelings of emotion through light and shadow. Examples of works from this type of painting styles include Mademoiselle de Scudery (Cezanne), Sunrise (Renoir), L’Orient, Night ( monopole), Seascape (Cezanne), Starry Night (Spencer & Gibson), Water (Barry Greenhouse), Vase (Remy), Irises (Spencer & Gibson), Play (Banksy), Vase with Stars (Edgar Allen Poe), Impressionism (Giles), Seascape (Edgar Allen Poe), Sun ( monopole), I Know (eds), Landscape with Figures (Banksy), Vase with Stars (Spencer & Gibson), Vase with Sun (Edgar Allen Poe), I Know (Banksy), Dance (Banksy), Cubism (Chardin), Starry Night (Spencer & Gibson), Play (Banksy), Sea (Banksy), Landscape with Figures (Banksy), Sun (impressionism), Trees (Spencer & Gibson), I Know (eds), Vase with Stars (Spencer & Gibson), Sea (Banksy), Landscape with Figures (Banksy), Sun ( monopole), Vase with Sun (Edgar Allen Poe), Impressionism (Giles), Vase with Stars (Spencer & Gibson), Play (Banksy), Cubism (Chardin), Starry Night (Spencer & Gibson), I Know (eds), Sea (Banksy), Landscape with Figures (Banksy), I Know (Banksy), Play (Banksy), Vase with Stars (Spencer & Gibson), Vase with Sun (eds), Impressionism (Giles), Vase with Sun (edgar allen Poe) The Pre-Raphaelite style is a style of art that arose in the late teens and twenties of the previous century. Pre-Raphaelites were painters who enjoyed working with oils, such as oils from fruits, and wax. They also used watercolor, various synthetic materials, and a variety of other media. A few of the painters who worked for the Pre-Raphaelites are: Georges Braque, Paul Durand-Ruel, Andree Fekkai, and Vincent O’Sullivan.

Practice Makes You Perfect

Georges Braque’s paintings from the Pre-Raphaelite style are characterized by dark charcoal strokes, and heavy brush strokes. Braque’s preferred mediums were charcoal, watercolor, and pastels. O’Sullivan’s artwork from the Pre-aphaelite style is characterized by bright pinks, blues, greens, and oranges. O’ Sullivan worked primarily in oils, and his paintings often featured citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons.


All of these artists produced beautiful paintings that are considered to be in the category of Pre-Raphaelite. But how do you know which painting is Pre-aphaelite and which one isn’t? This is an easy question to answer, if you know where to look. Looking for the characteristic features of the Pre-aphaelites paintings will help you narrow down your search to one or two paintings that fit perfectly into the desired category.

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