What Are The Numerous Room Painting Styles

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The trick is learning to choose the right painting style for the room. With a little guidance and a lot of experimentation you can create any room in your house a work of art!

Before we discuss the painting styles we should use for a room, let’s consider some things about the room. What kind of mood do you want the room to convey? The room is probably the most important part of the house to most people. This is where you will spend most of your time. The decor of the room says a lot about you and the way you like to be treated. In most cases a room says more about the people who live in it than the paint on the walls.

 A Look At Some Basic Concepts

To help you decide on the right room painting style, let us take a look at some basic concepts that apply to almost all rooms. A room can be seen as an empty canvas. It is the ability to fill the room with something that you love or that reflects your personality. Yours is the room that you will live in for however much money you spend on it. If you spend lots of money on furniture, lighting, cabinets, and art you will find that those items alone can make a room feel very sterile and formal. Conversely, if you don’t have the money to spend on much and you like the idea of making a room feel warm and inviting you can do so by using free form design principles and paint colors that make the room feel open and bright.

Let’s start with some room painting styles that are very popular in contemporary homes. These painting styles include clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold accents. Clean lines and geometric shapes are easy to paint against a light wall color. For a bold accent, use a dark wall color against a light or neutral colored background. This creates a focal point that makes the room seem dramatic.

A Monochromatic Painting Style

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Another one of the more popular room painting styles is a monochromatic painting style. This painting style is very popular in rooms with one light source and one wall color. This type of room design works great when you want to create a very clean, uncluttered look. These room painting styles work great for offices because they are easy to make light by using different wall colors.

A style known as “tone” is used to paint rooms that have many different sources of light. This style is great when there are different colors in the room or when the room has a high gloss. In tone rooms, the walls are painted a light or neutral color on top of a darker or more contrasting color. Using tone in a space gives it a sense of depth and can add dimension.


One of the least used room painting styles is called “landscape”. Landscapes are mainly done outdoors because the lighting is not as available in the room. However, many people decorate their kitchens and bathrooms with these kinds of designs so that the room appears to be located outside. Landscape room painting styles are good for an outdoor room because it can help you create a sense of distance and can give you a beautiful view.


Of all the room painting styles, this is the most difficult to figure out. When decorating a room, you must decide what kind of room you want to live in and then choose a style based on that. There are basically two things you can do when trying to decide on a painting style: watch a movie or read a book about that style. Once you figure out which style you like the best, you can begin the process of decorating your room.

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