Watercolor Painting Ideas For Beginners

watercolor painting ideas

No one learns the intricacies of watercolor painting ideas overnight, no matter how good they are. One has to practice, gain experience, and trust in their own abilities to do this, and there are millions to go around! Even though learning watercolor isn’t easy, but when you learn a few tips and tricks, you can nail it much faster than anyone else. These tips can make your watercolor paintings much more realistic and charming. Here are a few suggestions that may help you out along the way.

Learn To Use Hard Plastic Brush

The first watercolor painting ideas for beginners are learning to use a hard plastic brush instead of a soft one. Soft bristle brushes give a very wobbly appearance to the finished painting. A hard plastic brush gives a firm, smooth appearance to the image. This is important because once you have the basic inked pictures, you want to keep it that way. You don’t want to mess up with all those different colors by changing brushes!

Another watercolor painting ideas for beginners is to use only dark colors. If you have light colored images, try using shades of dark. This gives the image depth and makes it pop. When the image gets darker, it can become boring or even scary if the shadows are too deep. This tip may take a little practice, but try it out and see what happens.

Learn Wet Techniques

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Another watercolor painting ideas for beginners would be to learn wet techniques. Wet techniques involve using color Pigments directly on the canvas rather than using the watercolor brush. This gives the artist more control over the realism that can be achieved. If done properly, you will be able to achieve a realistic watercolor appearance.

There are many resources for learning more about these watercolor painting ideas for beginners. A simple search on the Internet will provide hundreds of results for books, websites, or online tutorial classes. Before committing to a particular tutorial or book, take a few minutes to read through a couple of them. Get an idea of the style of the book you are most interested in and read through the reviews.

The Ombre Effect

One watercolor painting ideas for a beginner that has gained popularity is called an ombre effect. In this effect, you will use one color on one wall and use several colors to paint other walls. While there is a bit of a loss in quality when you change from using one color to multiple colors, the result is usually worth it. The colors you use in an ombre effect should be light ones with a warm tint.

Another one of the easy watercolor painting ideas for beginners is called a wash. Wash paintings are made by using several different hues of watercolors on the same image. Using white paint makes the image easier to see the brush strokes because there is less color mixed with the paint. You can also make these types of paintings more detailed by using gray or black paint as the accent colors. Another advantage of using watercolors is that you can get very detailed and dark works. These works will cost you a little more than other types of works, but they are much more difficult to paint.


When it comes to watercolor painting ideas for beginners, another useful tip is to buy a starter’s palette. This is a basic set of tools that include a canvas, sponge, toothpick, rags, palette knife, and tape measure. With the palette, you can do a test drawing before you buy the paint. If the images on the palette look like what you have in mind, then just apply the paint on the canvas. You will be able to do your own hand painting with this palette in no time at all.

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