Van Gogh Painting: Original Paintings

Van Gogh Painting: Original Paintings

The fine line between Van Gogh Painting, Original, and Unpaintable has been blurred for some time. To put it simply, a painting can be original if it was done by Van Gogh and is in a museum or gallery. It can also be original if it is from a famous painting that was reproduced with the original artist’s permission.

Two Famous Painting: Van Gogh Painting

As a result of the changes to copyright law, there are now two famous paintings that can be considered original. You may recognize them as some of the most sought after paintings in the world. It is hard to say which one is original because each is unique in its way. There are some things you can look for in a Van Gogh painting that will help you determine if it is original.

Determine The Originality Of Painting

Three things can help you determine the originality of painting. These include the painting itself, the signature on the canvas, and the subject of the painting. If you do not understand these terms, they are explained below. All you need to do is have a basic understanding of painting to tell the difference between originals and reproductions.

The Starry Night And The Potato Eaters

The word original is often used to describe a painting in a museum or gallery. An original painting is one that was painted by Van Gogh. Some of the most famous original paintings in museums are The Starry Night and The Potato Eaters. The signature on the canvas is usually inked on to confirm the authenticity of the painting. The artist is depicted in a box with his name.

famous painting
Van Gogh Painting: Original Paintings

Van Gogh Painting

A painting that is reproduction is one that is reproducing a famous Van Gogh painting. The reproductions are not considered original paintings. A reproduction is a copy of an original. Most copies of original paintings are an exact copy. The copyright date is often either removed or engraved on the reproduction.

Painting By Artist: Van Gogh Painting

A particular painting would be original if it were created by the artist. Paintings created by other artists, whether they were created for a collector or at a gallery, are reproductions. If you have ever had the opportunity to look at reproduction, you will notice the differences. It may seem to be an exact duplicate, but the details are not the same.

Painting Of A Particular Subject

The details may be slightly different in reproduction than in a painting of a particular subject. Also, the canvas will not be as detailed as it would be in a real painting. Although you may see a similarity, they are not the same.

Confirm The Authenticity Of A Painting

The signature on the canvas is often used to confirm the authenticity of a painting. If the signature is a large one with no dots or spaces between the words, the painting may be an original. The signature will be almost always large and legible as it is signed in letters more significant than most people notice.

Famous Signature: Van Gogh Painting

In addition to the signature, another sign of an original painting is a famous signature at the bottom of the canvas. The famous signature is usually in bold letters that are in bold print and is original. It is almost always in black and white, which makes it stand out.

When looking at reproduction, if you do not see a signature, it is probably a reproduction. Also, if you see a reproduction with a signature, it is an original.

Purchase A Painting At A Reasonable Price

Other things to look for are whether the colors in the painting are true to the original or whether they are painted over. Moreover, if you purchase a painting at a reasonable price, chances are the artist painted over the colors to make the painting cheaper and the canvas more durable.

Van Gogh Painting: Original Paintings
Van Gogh Painting: Original Paintings

Final Words

An original painting of a Van Gogh painting can be purchased today in an excellent condition for very little money. If you are a collector of beautiful paintings, the details will catch your eye.

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