Ultimate Beginners Guide For Oil Painting Ideas That Make You An Expert With Any Level Of Artistic Skills

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Do you want to learn painting? Are you a creative person who loves to explore new creative hobbies? Then oil painting might be a thing for you. You may have also heard the popular phrase that Inspiration can strike at any moment and any place. But many times, it does not strike at all. Don’t get disappointed, and it doesn’t mean that you cannot paint. So if you would like to paint but are struggling even to make a few strokes with a brush, oil painting ideas Is easier than you think. Anyone can master it. The only thing is enough practice like every other skill. The oil painting ideas in this article will help you explore creative genius within you.

Two-Step Technique To Master Oil Painting Ideas

Start From Basics

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The beginners’ oil painting ideas are first familiarized with the basics. You can start with watercolor and acrylic if oil paints intimidate you. Learn about different kinds of brushes and paints.

 Practice The Basic Type Of Oil Painting Ideas

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Figure out to paint the common oil painting ideas like painting clouds, waves, landscape, flowers, and still life oil paintings. Don’t get frustrated if you spoil your first few pieces. Naturally, it happens, so the key is to focus on practice and practice.

Application And Technique Of Oil Painting Ideas


If you are just starting oil painting ideas, then this is the best starting point. It takes a lot of time to dry, so it is wise to allow one layer to get dry and then add another. While layering always adds darker shades later on and lighter shades initially.


It is one of the oil painting ideas that is a simple but impressive technique.

In this idea, you need to apply thick layers of oil paint to the canvas that keeps on adding dimensions.


The oil painting ideas include the use of paint that has had linseed added to it. The function of linseed is to make painting transparent or semi-transparent. It is perfect to create a multi-faceted hue.

Palette knife

The lesser-known oil painting ideas use the blender and alternate its function to create a texture a brush can’t. If you want to create an abstract look, then it’s a great way as it’s much more textual and thicker.


These oil painting ideas are created in shades of grey and neutral colors. This idea is popular as a Renaissance technique as artists of the era applied this to mimic sculptures.


Different types of Oil painting ideas have been an artistic medium for people for centuries. It is popular for bright and rich colors that create amazing paintings. Practicing Oil painting ideas can be very soothing for your mental health as it can decrease tension, broaden your imagination, and improve focus and concentration.

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