Top Watercolor Painting Artists

Watercolor Painting Artists

Painting is one of the most popular forms of art that exists in this world today. Most people have an interest in painting, although not all have the talent to do so. There are many ways where you can express your thoughts and feelings through painting. One of which is by watercoloring. It’s almost the same as painting on a regular canvas yet it takes more time and patience because it uses watercolor rather than oil paint for coloring.

So if you are interested in trying out this technique here are some top watercolor painting artists today who may inspire you:

1 Eduardo Bertone

Being a self-taught artist, he is known for his inspirational paintings that show strong emotions, with strong tones of colors that are seen throughout his paintings. He uses watercolors, acrylics, and pastels in creating his artworks

2 Hua Tuna

A close up of a persons face

Known for using vibrant colors when painting, one of his famous works is “The fish boy” which was showcased in the Art Stage Singapore event held in 2014. His inspiration for this particular artwork came from a 1988 Chinese opera production that involved fish men. The vibrant color tone he used shows how much he admires traditional folk art mediums.

3 Paul Cadden

Some people may call him the David Hockney of Scotland because he also uses techniques like photo-realism to portray images but done with watercolors instead of oil paints. He has painted many celebrities such as Robert de Niro and Michael Douglas.

4 Ricardo Santos

He is known for having large-scale abstract paintings that resemble landscapes yet is done with pure watercolor paints. He loves painting nature and the colors he uses reflect his love for nature and the vibrancy it has to offer.

5 Karin Lindner-Grundstrom

This artist is known for her impressionistic and contemporary approach to watercolor paintings. She uses a mixture of oil and acrylic paints to create some effects. Her artwork “Neptune’s Paradise” was featured in the Art Stage Singapore 2014 event and eventually won an award.

6 C.M. Coolidge

This particular artist is known for being a pioneer in American lithography and watercolor illustrations, especially the “Dogs Playing Poker” series which became his most famous work to date.

7 Thomas Kinkade

He is not only popular with his art but also commercially through selling paintings that are seen throughout America like in shopping malls and other business centers. His style of painting has been compared to impressionist artworks because of his use of bright colors in dark tones.

8 Li Rui En

This Singaporean artist uses watercolors as her main media for creating artworks. She incorporates Chinese themes into her artwork like monkeys, pandas, or birds. Her works have an abstract quality to them and she adds Asian features in her works with the use of colors.

9 Mary Cassatt

Not only is she famous for her paintings but also as a model for Edgar Degas’s work. She was considered to be one of the greatest French impressionist painters and her most notable works include “Mother and daughter” and “The Boating Party”.

10 Xia Xiaowan

Known for using Chinese elements in his artworks such as calligraphy. His artwork “Lotus’s Daydream” won an award in “World Watercolor 2014”. His style gives off a sense of traditional Asian style yet is contemporary at the same time.

11 Hua Yong-Chun

He uses watercolors to paint animals that are painted realistically, which makes him different from other artists that use this medium. He likes creating images of animals in their natural habitat.

12 Iryna Korshak

This Ukrainian artist loves painting flowers and plants with the use of watercolors. Her most famous work is “Alders” which won 3rd place in the Watercolor USA 2014 contest. She also has participated in other art contests like Art Thailand 2010, International Watercolor Competition 2011, among others.

13 Li Jie

A Chinese surrealist painter uses watercolors to paint characters that are wearing masks or carrying items that look surreal in nature. His works have a unique quality to them because they can be seen as realistic but when looked closer it becomes more abstract in nature.

14 Wu Guanzhong

He was one of the most popular Chinese contemporary artists during his time. He was good at both oil and watercolor paintings but is more known for being a watercolor artist. He has held many exhibitions where he showcased his paintings and artwork.

15 Paul Klee

This Swiss artist coined the term “expressive lines” which is used to describe watercolors as a medium because of their fluidity and ease of use. He often used this medium to create expressions in his artworks. His most famous work is called Improvisation 30 which was influenced by Wassily Kandinsky’s early abstractions.

16 Chen Qiuping

A Chinese painter who specializes in painting people and other forms of nature, the way she paints the flow and movement of her subjects give off an emotional quality that makes it look alive even when it’s just on paper or canvas.


Watercolors have been around for a long time and their use has evolved into many different forms. People from all walks of life can benefit from this medium because it’s a universal language that can be understood by everyone. It makes people appreciate the world around them even more and opens their minds to new possibilities.

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