Tips For Painting With Acrylics For Beginners

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Painting is not just material. It is a form of expressing emotions for many. Many people’s idea of painting with acrylic is kindergarten fun, but that’s not true. Acrylics have the brightest colors and finest material. They are best for beginners and are easy to use as compared to other paints. However, if you don’t know how to use these colors, here are tips for painting with acrylics that will generate income in handy.

Use Professional-Grade Paint

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Paints with more pigment are easier to blend and hence provide better coverage. There are many brands available in the market at different prices.

Keep Practising.

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Also, you must know that learning to paint is a long process. Further, the more you paint, the better you get at it. So try to paint something every day, even if it is only blocks of color or random shapes.

Furthermore, with more and more practice, you will become at ease with both paint and brush. 

Use Few Brushes

You only require a few brushes, to begin with. So there is no need to buy a lot of brushes for the same. Also, filbert brushes (flat with an oval top) in a few different sizes are a great option to start with.

Also, you should have a fine detail brush and a big flat brush. You can often buy these in sets that are relatively inexpensive but still good for beginners.


The acrylic paints are the best ones for the surface on which the painter has to paint as they can use them on any type of surface like which is wax-free.

Moreover, it dries at a reasonable speed, so the painter doesn’t have to wait for hours to make it dry. This quality of acrylic paints helps in completing the work faster, leading to efficient output.

Work Large Spaces First And Later On The Smaller Details.

This method will save a lot on paint since acrylics tend to dry fast. Moreover, it is easier to add fine detail on top of the larger background area.

You can also use a thin wash of paint (paint mixed with water) to cover up the white of the canvas before you start the actual painting.


The acrylic paints are water-soluble. In other words, these paints do not stick on on the brush or hands after use. In addition, these paints can easily be washed up with regular soap and water at the very first time, so there is no need to buy paint removers to erase them.

Keep A Spray Bottle Of Water Handy

To mist your paints and keep them from drying out. You can also mist your painting surface to keep your colors wetter for blending. Try to find a bottle with a fine mist sprayer to avoid significant water drops.


The acrylic paints are cheaper as compared to the other pigments in the market. But, on the other hand, anyone can use these paints more effectively by mixing the colors to give a new and different texture, which helps save the extra money to buy the new shades.

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