Tips For Painting Furniture – Give Your Furniture a Great Look Without Spending Too Much

tips for painting furniture

If you are thinking about painting your home, you probably want to know a few tips for painting furniture pieces. Whether you’re doing the entire house or just changing one room, there are several things you can do to make sure the end result looks good and it’s easy to clean afterward. Here are some tips for painting furniture that will help you get started on a new project.

Before you get started, you should decide whether you want a distressed look or a paint finish.

Sanding All of the Wood

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Sanding is important because it prevents the wood from splintering when the finish is applied. Use an orbital sander to get the best results. Don’t forget to sand the finish off, if you plan to leave it on longer than a day or two.

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If you choose a paint finish like latex paint, you should use a latex paint sprayer. These sprays are designed specifically to coat furniture pieces with latex paint. They work with any type of paint but especially well with oil based paint. You should be aware that these types of finishes will last longer and require more frequent coats of treatment if you want them to maintain their sheen.

Milk Paint Finish

The smooth finish is especially nice if you have a design or artwork in the middle of the room. A smooth finish makes the artwork stand out even more. It also makes it easier to clean up small imperfections or any scratches the piece might have.

When choosing an oil-based paint, you should pick a brand that is specifically designed for furniture. Some brands of oil based paints have a slightly dampened effect that helps them cling to the material better. You can use both a smooth finish and a distressed finish to give your piece of furniture a worn effect. To create a smooth finish, you should start by spraying the entire surface with a flat base coat. Make sure that your finish is flat and smooth by making sure that you tap your roller on the tabletop until the paint spreads properly.

Special Varnish

The best way to achieve an antique finish is to paint your items before applying the varnish. Then, simply rub stained glass over your painted furniture pieces to let the varnish soak into the wood. This technique ensures that you will get the best finish possible.

Pro Tips

One, you can purchase distressed paint from a furniture store or you can find ready-made products in hardware stores. The second tip is to paint these furniture pieces using an old wool rag. The effect will be very aged and worn looking.

When painting furniture, you should always use a primer before the final coat. This will make the process go smoothly and you will not have any problems with primer clogging. However, you need to make sure that the primer is oil-based. The easiest way to apply the primer is to wet down a large brush with mineral spirits. Use a coat of primer and then let it dry before applying the paint.

Painting wooden furniture can be a bit difficult especially if you are painting a piece that is quite big. If your furniture is made up of many different parts, then you need to take your time and paint it carefully. Start painting on the lighter areas first and make sure that you cover every single part of the wooden furniture. Make sure that you allow adequate drying time between coats of paint. If you are not careful enough, the varnish may not stick properly to the surface and you might end up not being satisfied with the results.


There are woodworking professionals who can offer you advice on how to go about the entire process. For smaller furniture pieces, you can also consult books and magazines on home improvement. You can even visit craft stores and buy wooden patterns that you can follow to create your masterpiece.

If you want to give your wooden pieces of furniture a great look without spending too much, then you should consider the tips for painting furniture. Varnish can give your painted furniture with a rich color without adding too much work to your part. So start the project and be prepared to spend a lot of time. However, the end results will surely be worth all your effort.

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