Three Renaissance Painting Styles That You Must Know

renaissance painting styles

These are the renaissance painting styles and these are the ones that people of those time usually followed. Some of these are still used today by the artists so that they can make beautiful paintings that will catch the eye of the person who is looking at those paintings. This is the list of the three renaissance painting styles that the painters usually followed and these are very beautiful and there are many great artists who followed these styles of painting.


A close up of an old building

It is the method that has been used since centuries and in this period it came to be known as the method for painting large surfaces like the walls of the church, private homes, and other public buildings. The technique involves painting the wall with a first layer of wet paint that is very coarse but the one that binds the final second layer of the paint which is finer to the wall. The plaster was then covered with the design to be painted on the walls. In this method, the painters worked from the upper part of the wall towards the downward part. Water-based colored pigment was used to make the final pictures on to the wall and both the paint and the plaster dried side by side.


This painting technique was used by the artists in ancient Egypt and it involves using the color in a powdered form and mixing it with a liquid that acts as the binding agent in the process. Mostly egg yolk with water was used and in some cases oil or white curd was also used to create the painting. The benefit of making use of the color like this is that the color comes out to be brighter and looks better. It stands out and makes the painting look even more stunning. It was mostly used in the wooden panels or gesso that were made with the help of specialists.

Oil Painting

This type of painting was done by adding the powdered pigment to the oil and then applying it. The most commonly used oil was the linseed oil but it was also walnut ol in some cases. This painting was versatile and you could do it on the place of your choice which made it stand out from all the other types of painting. The paints offered some rich colors that were great for clothing and it made the clothes stand out and look amazing. You will see that artists today still use oil painting as it is one of the finest methods to do painting and the painting looks so good when it is painted using oil paints.


These are the renaissance painting styles that you must know about so that you can know about the history and these renaissance painting styles are great. You must understand that the paintings on the buildings and other things from the past are of one of these three types and all of these produced some masterpieces.

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