Things To Paint on different material

things to paint

When someone loves to paint, he wants to discover more and more about it. But every artist faces an artistic block. Where he is not able to think of new ideas to inspire him in painting. At that time he needs some inspiration to unblock.the artistic block. For that, some artists go for a walk or drive, some go to their favourite place, some stay at home and relax, some watch movies or shows or search online for some painting ideas. If you are also looking for some painting ideas, don’t worry you are at the right place. With our epic list, you will definitely get some inspiration about your next painting.

Canvas Painting 

With oil and acrylic paint you can fill your canvas with your imagination. Here are some canvas painting ideas for beginners

  • Beach inspired paintings
  • Try some Flower painting, you can use roses, levenders, lilies, cherry blossoms with stems and leaves.
  • Abstract painting is the best for canvas.
  • Mountain landscapes and nature inspired paintings look very real on canvas.
  • Try some quote paintings.
  • Cloud painting or color splash painting.
  • Geometrical shapes painting

You can try out these ideas as well as some of your ideas on canvas.

Stone Painting

A person with graffiti on the side of a building

You can try out some stone Painting with acrylic paint. It is easier than it looks. Walk around your neighborhood to find some soft stones. Never buy stones with a wax film that makes it hard to paint. Use small to big brushes set for your painting. For decoration and doodling on stones you can use different markers and pens. Use black outline pens to finish your designs. 

Glass Painting

Glass Painting is another great skill to learn to expand your artistic talent. You can make home decor diy or you can do some fun activities with kids. Acrylic enamel paint or Acrylic glass paint is the best for glass painting. You can also use any kind of oil painting for it. You will also need supplies like glass painting pens and markers, paint brushes and applicator sponges. You can make beautiful designs on wine bottles, glass windows or wine glasses.

Paint On Dried Leaves 

You can use acrylic paint on dried leaves and transfer them into a very amazing home decor or stamps. You can use different paints to modify the color and appearance of the leaf. It will be an amazing experience to do and one great thing to learn. It will also help you in your artistic block. 


You can try these different kinds of paint to explore more in painting. Trying and discovering new things is the best way to kaern something. Enjoy each step of your painting to finish your painting in the best way. Painting is the best artistic way to express your feelings and find different ways.

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