The Most Popular Types of Paintings Styles

types of painting styles

There are many painting styles, but the modern contemporary painting style is probably the most desired; it enables the artist to express his/her thoughts on the painted canvas with a mix of abstract, modernism, and surreal technologies. There are other painting styles such as abstract art, Pop art, Hyperrealism, Futurism, Impressionism, and the likes. Modern style paintings cover almost every subject and space; you can find them covering the wall in homes, offices, museums, corporate buildings, and even commercial buildings. They express the artist’s creativity.

Street Art Painting Style

Graffiti on a wall

Street art painting style is the latest emerging form of painting, mostly executed on walls in public places. It mainly deals with the subjects you usually see on walls in streets and squares. But there are some great abstracts artists, who have applied painting styles on canvas in a much more vivid way, and used them to make unique and extraordinary artwork. The subjects may include animals, nature, sky and landscapes, people, water, etc. These paintings are made even more attractive by the playful attitude and expressive touch of the artists.

Minimalist Painting Style

A large clock mounted to the side of a building

The minimalist painting style is the first type of modern artwork, which depicts minimalistic themes. Usually created on rough surfaces like canvas, paper, wood, etc., they are vibrant and strong and communicate the artist’s imagination. You can find these types of paintings in art galleries and museums.

The expressionist style of artwork is based on synthetic, artificial, and non-natural materials. Paintings of this type usually are full of symbolic imagery or highly colored images. Most of these paintings are produced for commercial purposes like exhibitions, advertising campaigns, corporate portraits, or interior decoration.


The abstract style of artwork is also called impressionism. The main characteristics of this style of paints are vivid and strong color and lack of attention to detail. The subjects of these paintings are exciting. This painting style was created by the likes of Warhol, Koons, Brinks, and others. You will often see this type of canvas paintings in hotel lobbies, art galleries, museums, and offices.

Sand Painting

The third type of painting style is called a sand painting. Paintings made in this style are usually flat on the surface and filled with an acrylic medium. Some of the famous sand paintings are Monet, Rintoul, Warhol, Monet, Le Corbusier, and others. Sand paintings are usually oil-based, and thus, are mainly used as interior decorating artworks.

Final Words

Another type of painting style is called the pastel painting. This type of painting has been created using the medium of pastels and oil paints. This painting style originated way back during the 19th century by the Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Since then, this type of oil painting has gained popularity worldwide among the people who enjoy having beautiful works of art in their living room. Therefore, if you want to buy an excellent oil painting to hang on your wall, you might want to consider purchasing a pastel painting.

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