The Most Famous Indian Painting Styles

famous indian painting styles

There is no denying the fact that Indian Paintings Styles have gone through changes and evolution throughout history. Paintings are the visual art work of an individual or group of people, created over a period of time, usually centuries. Paintings can be made of anything – of colour, light, stone or clay. But paintings, according to the Indian concept, are made with the help of paints on a support, which is known as the palette. The use of paints varies according to the painting style.

The major component of Indian Paintings is Colors. Paintings from India share certain similarities with European art styles but the key difference is in the usage of colours. Some of the famous Indian painting styles include Devdasi, Madhyam, Raja-Khanday, Chokhi, Jain, Pale and Rajput. These art forms show rich cultural heritage of India.

Jain Painting Style

Painting Styles

One of the most famous Indian painting styles is Jain. This is a category of paintings which showcases different aspects of the tradition of Lord Krishna. Other than Lord Krishna, this type of art also portrays other Hindu gods like Bhagir, Parvakas, Ganesha and many more. Most of the famous Indian artists have shown some similarity between their paintings and the European paintings. However, there are major differences between the European and the Indian art forms.

Other Famous Indian Painting Styles

Painting Styles

Some of the famous Indian painting styles include Madhyam, Jain and Raja-Khanday. The Madhyam is one of the ancient Indian art forms. It depicts scenes from nature with strong symbolic messages. Paintings of Madhyam usually contain melodious verses which are used to convey a spiritual message. In addition to that, Madhyam paintings are also a form of a kind of myth that has deep roots in Indian society.

Some of the most famous Indian painting styles include Ajanta caves paintings, Ajanta-Ellora caves and Raja-Kashmir paintings. Ajanta-Ellora caves is one of the famous places from where many art lovers come for a retreat every year. Many of these art lovers prefer paintings related to this period to relax on during their holidays. Some of the most interesting paintings from Raja-Kashmir are valley of solitude and lotus flowers. Paintings from caves tell stories about gods and goddesses and also describe the landscape of those places.

Desi Painting Style

Another type of famous Indian painting styles is Desi. Desi is a type of traditional artwork that depict Indian life through colourful images. Paintings belonging to Desi category usually use colours like blue, red, yellow and gold to depict various rural life experiences of the people of India.

What Are Fresco Paintings?

Fresco paintings are another form of traditional Indian art. Fresco paintings are mostly inspired by natural things or objects and so they look very beautiful. Paintings depicting flora and fauna of different parts of India can be classified under fresco paintings. Paintings from Kashmir and Punjab can be considered as fresco paintings. They are inspired by elements such as wind, water and sunlight.

Bahu Paints

One of the oldest Indian painting styles is Bahu paints. These paintings Styles date back to 16th century. There are many unique features in this type of Indian art work, which makes them different from other types of paintings. Bahu paintings mainly contain red colour but there are some interesting paintings styles using blue and green colours.

The tradition of creating paintings on cave walls started in Ajanta around 1000 B.C. Fresco paintings are basically from Ajanta caves. This form of artwork mainly depicts the beautiful scenes from Nature. These paintings use rich colours like brown, yellow and red which reflect the sunlight.

Cave Painting

Another famous Indian painting style is the Cave Painting. These pictures are mostly found in the Western Ghats of South India. This form of Indian art is mainly used to portray the romance and beauty of Southern India. Paintings from these caves depict the life of local people in the Stone Age. Some of the famous painters from this style include Ajatsatru, Brahma, Sinbad and Velayudham.

Final Thoughts

One of the most interesting forms of Indian handcrafted items is the Mughal paintings. In fact, artisans of this region are famous all over the world. The biggest feature of this type of artwork is that it uses colours that cannot be explained scientifically. For example, green and blue are rarely found in nature so the artist may use this to create a scene.

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