The Diamond Painting Canvas Is a More Colorful and Good Texture with Aesthetic Feeling Patterns!

Do you have a little princess at home who is in love with the Disney characters? If yes, then it is high time for you to encourage them to start with their painting sessions. There is a new kind of painting technique that you should be able to use, and it can come out in mosaic form. They look lovely to look at, and you can put them up on the walls as well. The final outlook is quite interesting, and it will add to the charm of your room. But there are numerous mosaic painting items available in the market, and it is easy to get confused among the other options. Now for your little one, you can get hold of this product that we have specifically found out, and it is high time that you knew about the details of the same. 

DIY Mosaic Diamond Painting

This is a fantastic product that retails for only 13 dollars, so it will not break your bank at all. It has a very appealing look, and you can get a variety of colors to choose from. The frame you see in the advert will not be included, but you will get the rest of the sets. There are numerous color choices available, and also, the characters will make you choose from them. There are a total of 35 to 40 colors, and the size of each is going to be around 2.8*2.8mm, and they are in the shape of diamonds. This is a high-quality canvas, and all the tools are included in the same. The resin material is substantial, and you can have a fun time painting along with your kids. It is a fantastic activity that you can try with your kids for sure, and they will be delighted to spend their leisure time like this. Buy this painting now so that you can enhance the playtime for your kids


  • Brand – QLuo
  • Use- Painting
  • External Packing- paper bag
  • Form- 3D
  • Material- resin
  • Pasting Area – Full
  • Type of Wholesale- No
  • Pattern Type- Cartoon
  • Packing Method- Rolled Up
  • Number of colors- 30-45
  • Diamond shape- round
  • Set type- no
  • Style- American and European
  • Kits In Set- resin diamond, printed canvas, tools
  • Diamond Size – 2.8*2.8mm
  • Diamond Embroidery Sale- Wholesale and retail
  • Painting Advantage- Fashion Picture and good effect
  • Rhinestone- high quality
  • Handmade- Yes
A group of stuffed animals


  • Now that you know about the best mosaic painting you can lay your hands on, you should also know that it is made from premium quality materials. It can be handmade and is easy to prepare as well. 
  • You will be able to put it up in the kids’ room, and they will look highly appealing as well. 
A fabric surface


  • Try to get this at a discounted price when the stocks last and the sale is still on. Do not miss it. 


Lastly, we would like to tell you that this is a product that will make your little ones happy, especially if they are Disney fans. 

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