The Best Exterior House Painting Tips You Should Never Overlook

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A fresh and new exterior paint coat can turn your soiled and smudged house into a stylish home by adding aesthetic appeal to your property. Whether you plan to sell your house or not, high-quality exterior paint can protect your walls from gusty winds and harsh weather conditions.

Painting the house exteriors, you need to invest a huge amount of time and money. Above all, when you are hiring a professional, then get ready for burning your pockets. However, you can paint your exteriors, but you have to spend numerous hours standing on the ladder and breathing the primer fumes.

If you want to paint your exteriors without seeking any professional help, here are the exterior house painting tips to make the whole process hassle-free.

Find Out The Lead

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The first step in painting your house exteriors is to eliminate the nasty old paint stains. For instance- if your house was last painted ten years back, there are higher chances one primary wall of your house comprises lead. Lead is a toxin that is harmful to the brain nerves of children.

Whether your walls have lead or not, scrape out the old paint thoroughly. As you are painting your exteriors, purchase a PaintShaver to eliminate the old paint and lead and stores in a closed bag. Lastly, when eradicating the old paint, cover your face with a cotton cloth and take some breaks from the smell of primer fumes.

Mend Those Cracks

Painting the exteriors is a tiresome task, but you get a closure look at your house. When you are washing out the old paint, evaluate the condition of shutters and windows ledges. If you feel something is broken up or need patching, mend them appropriately.

You can replace or fix the broken wooden equipment. But, if something has cracks, then mend it with patching compounds. Patching compounds don’t need any additional mixture; they apply over the cracks and holes and let the whole solution dry.

For a rough look, you can consider sanding the wooden surface. Pay attention to the wooden part that is not painted.

Paint Slapping Won’t Work Out

What’s the use of covering the house exteriors with paint without the right technique? Initially, start painting the exteriors from the top and then come towards the downwards side.

Start with dipping your paintbrush about 5 centimeters and cover 0.4 to 0.5 square meters. Try to consider long strokes and start painting the leftover area. It would be better if you use rollers and cover up to 3 to 4 square feet. To minimize the gaps, get a closure look, and fix them in the morning hours.

Final Words

Painting your exteriors on your own is an exciting task because you learn something new. However, many homeowners consider professional help instead of standing on the ladders in the scorching heat. Thus, if you are working on your own or hiring professional painters, consider the exterior house painting tips mentioned above.

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