Sotheby’s Art Workshop For The Past Two Decade

Sotheby’s Art Workshop For The Past Two Decade

Sotheby, one of the finest and oldest auction houses for an art workshop, one will find it at the heart of London, Uk.

Established in 1744, Sotheby is a trusted empire for all art curators.

It was the first auction house to operate internationally. They began in 1955 with an expansion in Newyork, which was followed by hong kong in 1973; They conducted sales in India in 1992 and then in France (2001). It held the first international fine art auction in China, 2012. Currently, Sotheby’s functions internationally in 40 countries with 80 offices. However, one can easily spot the sellers in the salesroom of New York, London, Hong Kong, and Paris. Excluding these four, they also have six other salesrooms spread across the world. Sotheby, keeping up with the demands of the Netizens, has a bid now program.

This permits all collectors to bid online and watch the auction live. Sotheby also has a financial service for its members. So, the art agency partners, a subsidiary of Sotheby, allow the members unfettered access to its art collections, art workshops, artist, estate, and foundation. Hence, Sotheby has expanded its business in the wine, diamond and interior decor business too.

Things You Should Know About Art Workshop:

The House of Sotheby to commemorate the culmination of the two-decade gives the viewers a glance at its most opulent sales and art workshops over the years.

Sotheby’s Art Workshop For The Past Two Decade
Sotheby’s Art Workshop For The Past Two Decade
  • 2000- The year saw its most expensive sale through the Claude Monet’s Le porteil, which was sold for $24205750
  • In 2001, it was the max Beckmann, selbstbildnis mit horn(Self-portrait with Ho). The price was $22555750.
  • 2002 was the year in which sir peter paul Rubens the massacre des innocents or the massacre of the innocents were sold at a stunning price of $49506650.
  • In 2003 it was Gustav Klimt’s Landhaus am Attersee, and the price was $29128000

Know A Few More Facts About Art Workshop:

  • So, in 2004, Sotheby’s most significant sale was the Garcon a la pipe by Pablo Picasso, the price was $104168000
  • 2005 was the year in which the Giovanni Antonio canal called Venice the grand canal looking northeast from Pallazzo Balbi to the Rialto bridge was sold for 186000000 Euro.
  • However, 2006 was the year of Picasso again with Dora ar Mau Chat, the price was $95216000
  • However, Mark Rothco’s white center and the price was $72840000 in 2007
  • Francis bacon’s triptych,1976 was sold for $86281000, in 2008
  • Andy Warhol’s 200 dollar bills got sold for $43762500 in 2009
  • In 2010 it was Alberto Giacometti’s L’homme qui Marche, the price was $65001250
  • 2011 was the year of Clyfford still’s 1949 A no 1. Sold for 61682500 dollars
  • So, in 2012 it was Edvard munch’s the scream. The price was $119922500
  • In 2013 it was an andy Warhol silver car crash, and the cost was $105445000
  • 2014 was Alberto Giacometti’s chariot, the price was $100965000

Bottom Line:

  • Cy Twombly’s Untitled was sold for $7053000 in 2015
  • However, in 2016 Pablo Picasso femme assize, and the price was $43269000
  • In 2017 jean Michel Basquiat’s untitled, the price was $110487500
  • In 2018, it was Amidio Modigliani’s Nu couch, the price was $157159000
  • If you see in 2019, It was Monet’s Meules, sold at $110747000

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Sotheby’s Art Workshop For The Past Two Decade
Sotheby’s Art Workshop For The Past Two Decade

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