Shoe Painting Ideas – Create Your Own Nike Shoe Paintings

shoe painting ideas

It Can Serve As A Gift To Friends Or Family

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Shoe painting can also serve as a gift to friends or family. For instance, an old pair of sneakers can be turned into a very pretty, vintage-looking pair by painting it. You can choose from a wide array of acrylic paints ranging from subtle to vibrant colors and also various textures. You can paint your shoe by hand or with the help of an airbrush gun if you have one at home.

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If you’re looking for some good easy shoe painting ideas, you should look no further than old shoes! You can do a simple makeover on any old pair of shoes with just some painting and a little bit of elbow grease. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is and how quick it is to achieve a makeover on your worn-out sneakers. Here are some ideas from the professionals:

Draw Inspiration From The Colors In Your Old Shoes

For a fun and colorful touch, try using orange and brown paint. You can use the hue tones to create a totally unique look and makeover on worn-out brown and orange shoes. To make your old shoes look alive, use teal green paint to give it an aged look. You can draw inspiration from the colors in your old shoes to come up with these brilliant ideas. 29 unique DIY shoe painting ideas using orange and brown paints would surely give your worn out shoes the face of a brand.

Create An Old-Fashioned Distressed Look

You can create an old-fashioned distressed look on your white and blue Nike Free Run+ Nike Shox Tracer sneakers by painting a white and blue vertical line along the side. You can draw this line and leave it untreated so that you can easily remove it when your next shoe purchase arrives. To make your life even more interesting, apply another line of white paint to the same side and blend it with the first line. You can create an attractive distressed look on top of your white and blue pair of shoes using a chalk paint pen.

Prepare Your Canvas- Shoe Painting Ideas

If you are thinking about doing this project on your own, you have got to be sure that you have all the materials (paint, tape measure, chalk) ready with you. You need to prepare your canvas (a wooden board covered in a cloth), stencils (square, oblong or round), rags, and shoe stuffing. Before you begin painting, allow your canvas to dry completely so that you can see what you have painted. Use the same white and blue stencil tape that you used to outline your shoe in the previous step and position your shoe on the board. You can start drawing with a straight edge against the whiteboard until you reach the area of the shoe where you will be painting.

Cover Your Shoe With A Piece Of Clothing

Before you proceed any further with your project, cover your shoe with a piece of clothing that will protect it from spills. Paint over the shoe with the black and white paints and allow it to dry. When it does, you have successfully recreated your favorite Nike shoe. For best results, use an iron (a spray tube). With a high quality stencil and a high quality paint, you can recreate the Nike Air Flight Falcon shoes without the hassle and frustration of purchasing and using an actual pair.


Shoe painting ideas DIY is quite easy to do as long as you have the right tools, materials and creativity. There are even paint kits available online for your convenience. Nike shoes are timeless and can be customized with any color or design, to create your own masterpiece. Whether you are looking for inspiration or simply want to try out something new, Nike sneakers and vans are the perfect way to jazz up any outfit.

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