Provide Better Heat Dissipation Than Others, Suitable for Beginners and Household Works! Try This

Soldering iron is one of the best hand tools at home that we can use for soldering. It works by supplying heat to melt Solder so it can stream into the joint between two workpieces. But if you are a beginner, i.e., of entry-level and looking forward to repairing household articles, then this electric soldering iron is just for you. It has a crucial feature of adjustable temperature where you can adjust temperate at your will. Its sharp metal tip heats so efficiently that you can work on your home appliances without fear, even as a beginner. 

Its insulated handle is so good that you neither need to worry about the danger of electric shock nor are you afraid of any heat burn. Your hand is safe during working. You can use soldering iron either for repair, installation or even at limited production work. It also provides better heat dissipation than other soldering iron that is usually available on the market. 

You can easily calibrate its temperature according to your need; its wire is approx 4.6 ft long. It has the potential to run even on low voltage. You can repair your electrical appliances very quickly using this soldering iron.Get Electric Soldering Iron With Adjustable Temp For Welding And Repair now.


•              Soldering Iron Length: 18.5 cm

•              Power: 60W or 80 W

•              Cable Length: 143 cm

•              Working Voltage: 110V

Its Solder melts at approximately 185 °C (365 °F)

•            It is designed to reach an adjustable temperature of 200 °C to 480°C very quickly and easily without having an issue.

Package includes either: Optional.

A pair of scissors


•              Portability: It is portable.

•              Ease: It is conventional for fixing and repairing electrical home appliances

•              Adjustable Temperature: Its temperature is adjustable, so you can easily adjust its temp according to your need

•              Low Voltage Requirement: It can be easily operated at slightly low voltage 

•              Consume less power than usual Soldering Iron: It consumes power of 60W or 80W.

•              Provide Better Heat Dissipation Than Others: It usually provides Better Heat Dissipation Than Others soldering iron available at the market.

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  • Maybe for someone who never operated adjustable soldering iron, it is slightly different from them.
  • Since it is a small soldering iron, it is best for home appliances, but you may not use it for soldering joints in sheet metal objects.
  • Since it is not a cordless soldering iron, you may feel disappointed with the wire problem.


 If you are a beginner & willing to buy a soldering iron that fulfills your need to repair your household electrical appliances, then this will be the best soldering iron for you. Having the key feature of adjustable temperature makes the work easy for beginners. So, now why are you waiting? Order right now! It will definitely increase your productivity in repairing your household appliances.

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