Paintings That Live Up To The Known Blue Paintings

Blue Lake In Monaco

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The famous blue lake in the French city of Monaco is a sight not easily forgotten. This is one of the most famous paintings in the world and has been the subject of many art enthusiasts worldwide. The famous painting in question is the Mona Lisa, which is the most famous portrait of the Italian woman Lisa di da Polignano which was the wife of the Emperor Maximilian in the 16th century. This painting is so famous that it can be found in almost every book on art and is available in several museums around the world. It is also very well known because of its symbolism and that is that it contains seven circles that represent the seven deadly sins.

Sistine Chapel Ceiling

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The famous blue lake is also the subject of two other famous paintings. The first of these is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel which is one of the finest examples of baroque art. The ceiling is entirely made of colored candles and is a work of art that is recognized by Christians as representative of the love between Jesus and His Church. Another famous blue painting is the ceiling of the Louvre in Paris. This famous painting also shows the theme of love and happiness that is a characteristic trait of the famous blue violets.

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has been the subject of many paintings including the famous oration by Donatello. The famous painting also shows part of the Last Judgment in gold. In addition to being the subject of such famous works as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the one mentioned above, the Sistine Chapel is also home to another famous painting, a fresco by Sandro Botticelli. The painting in question is called The Virgin of Louvain and it is an oil painting that Botticelli produced around the year 1510.

Last Judgement

The last subject of a famous painting is the Last Judgment and this is a fresco by Sandro Botticelli. It depicts a scene of Judgment Day. Judgment Day occurs each year on the first Sunday of Lent. It is estimated that about one million souls have passed away during this time and this has created much sadness and anger throughout the world.

The Last Supper

Another popular painting that depicts the theme of love and happiness is Sandro Botticelli’s The Last Supper. This is a famous oil painting that was inspired by the life of Jesus. The Last Supper is one of the most beloved paintings of all time. Millions of people from around the world look at this every day and they express a great amount of emotion towards this masterpiece.

The Scream

Monet’s The Scream is another painting that portrays the theme of love and happiness. Many people believe that this is the work of an emotionally disturbed man. However, others take issue with the fact that the woman in the painting is portrayed nude. This was done to show her pain and sorrow for losing her husband. There is also a suggestion that the painting might have been a gift to her from a boyfriend, though this has never been confirmed.

Final Words

One of the most famous paintings by Pop artist Monet is The Waves. This famous painting is a depiction of the majestic waves that washed away the ships at the beach. People from all over the world seem to love this particular piece of art because it depicts such a beautiful scene. One thing that many people agree on is that The Waves show people how beautiful nature can be. Nature is always portrayed in a very uplifting light and this painting surely lives up to that standard.

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