Painting Ideas For Kids That Make Art Lessons Fun

painting ideas for kids

Well, Painting requires a lot of practice and patience with great hand work. Children are very much fascinated about colors, so paint their favorite cartoons, characters and paintings with vibrant colors. However, Children’s painting is also fun because they like to experiment a lot. They find it very difficult to decide what paint color will be used for what painting. As parents, you must understand that they do not always know the end product, so make them understand what you want.

Prints Of Your Kids Favorite Cartoon Characters

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If you want to make prints of your kids favorite cartoon characters, why don’t you use the same coloring books that they love so much? You can easily get these books from any book store or online stores. After buying the books, you need to load them with all the supplies including paints, pastels, erasers and brush etc. You can start painting from the top most layer of the paper with a single coat of paint. You can start painting from the center and work outwards.

A great way of making a kid’s painting interesting is to add an interesting material to it. A toy box is an example of such material. Kids will love to have all their painting materials in one place and will eagerly start the painting process when the box is placed on the paper surface. You can add colorful pieces of clothes, toys or animals to the box and voila!

Benefits Of Coloring

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Kids love to play with colors and playing with colors is good for developing their vision. So, if you have painted a particular object using watercolors or oil paints, try adding some contrasting colors to give the painting a different look. You can try pastel and aqua green combinations for a child’s bedroom. Alternatively, if you want a more dramatic look, you can go in for gold or silver tones. The painting project you are going to undertake can be made more fun and exciting if you add color to it using color pencils and watercolors.

Child Sized Canvas

Another of the painting ideas for kids that is extremely simple but effective is to use a child sized canvas as the stand. You can easily make use of a folded piece of newspaper as the stand. Simply keep the canvas in your vicinity and keep refilling the paint brush by dipping it into the container of paint. Your kids will love this activity and will start painting while inhaling the fresh scent of paint.

Kids love to make and can even make their own crafts like jewelries, puppets and toys. They can also learn how to sew, bake and crochet as well as other arts and crafts. One of the best crafts for kids and a very cheap and creative activity is creating edible treats. It doesn’t require a lot of skill and money and kids can exercise their fine motor skills in the process.

Bottom Lines

Paintings are an excellent way to impart the creative and artistic side to kids. This is why parents should not discourage their kids from painting because in the process, the kid learns to be patient and kind. So, why not indulge your kid in painting activities and make your kid a very happy camper.

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