Paint Supplies: The Essentials -

Paint Supplies: The Essentials

Paint Supplies: The Essentials

Are you a DIY painter? You need a few essential tools and materials to pull it off without any glitches. The key to a good paint job is good preparation. There are a few must-have paint supplies you should purchase before getting started on your DIY paint job. Take a look at the essentials; you can find them at the nearest local paint store.

Paint Supplies: The Essentials
Paint Supplies: The Essentials

Paint Supplies: Wall Preparation

Before you start painting your wall, its surface has to be prepared for painting. There can be many cracks and holes in your wall that need to be fixed before you start. Choosing the right material for patching your wall can improve the finish of your wall to a great extent. Make sure that the patching material is not too old or expired. If you are using sandpaper, make sure you are using the right grit.

Paint Supplies: Tape

In the past decades, there weren’t many types of tapes available in the market. Today, you can find tapes for each type of application, paint or surface. When picking a type of tape, consider how long the tape should stay on the wall. Tapes protect your wall from problems like seepage. Some good tapes in the market are IPG Tape and 3M ScotchBlue.


A primer is often regarded as a painter’s friend. There are a wide variety of primers available in the market, and each one serves a different purpose. So, before you go ahead with buying a primer, always consider the application and your problem area. You can also find products which are a combination of paint and primer, which will give you a smoother finish.


When compared to brushes, rollers cover a lot more area while painting. You can save a lot of effort and time. A roller has a roller frame and a cover. The roller frame can be used again and the type of cover can be changed according to the application. When painting the ceiling, you can make use of an extension pole. The roller covers are made up of different fabrics and foams. Always make your selection according to your paint job and type of paint.


A roller cannot always do the job for you. There will be some hard to reach areas on your wall or ceiling which can only be painted using a brush. Also, you have to use brushes for any kind of touch-ups. A 2-inch brush can be used for most types of paint. Clean the brush without fail after each use.

Paint Supplies: The Essentials
Paint Supplies: The Essentials

Bucket And Grid

If you are using a roller out of a tray system, the absorption level may not be good and it will affect the surface finish. Use a bucket and grid system to avoid this problem. The paint seeps into the core of the roller cover which gives you an excellent finish. There are many different kinds of bucket and grid systems available in the market. You can choose one that works well for your purpose.

These are a few essential paint supplies you need to get your hands on before you start your DIY paint job!

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