Mother And Child Painting By Vincent Van Gogh

famous mother and child painting

These beautiful objects are certain to please buyers and enhance their painting experience. There is something enchanting about these works of art.

One very famous mother and child painting is entitled The Night Before Christmas. This beautiful object features a mother and a daughter, both are dressed up in wedding finery. It is in full detail a depiction of a Christmas dinner. The overall theme of the painting is one that reminds us of the joyous occasion of the holiday season.

Calla Lily

A close up of a light

Another one is entitled Calla Lily. It is a portrait of a mother and a daughter who are preparing to go on a picnic. As you can see both women are carrying flowers and a basket or a young child dressed in rags is standing by the side. You can also notice an airplane which is taking off nearby. All of these elements combine together to give us a very realistic scene that is full of bright colors.

The words on this beautiful painting are, “tons of gold and silver and lace; what more could we wish for than to see our dear ones again.” This beautiful work of art is another example of Vincent Van Gogh’s amazing talent as a painter. The colorful blend of flowers and other objects along with the simple phrases and shadows add to this wonderful creation.

The Starry Night

A young boy cutting a cake

The most famous mother and child painting is entitled The Starry Night. This is a beautiful painting of a night sky filled with brilliant stars. It was created in order to promote peace all over the world. It is a very soothing painting and the woman in it is very calm. This painting is perhaps one of Van Gogh’s most well-known works.

Looking closer at this famous mother and child will reveal that she is sitting on a bench which is colored blue and there is a star above her. There is also what appears to be a child sleeping in the arms of the mother. This famous painting is also done in black and white. In the top center of the painting there are two children sitting on the ground. Beside them are two beautiful flowers. The words on the bench read, “With my child asleep, I’ll go on dreaming.”

A Famous French Writer Experienced

The words on this famous mother and child painting were inspired by a real situation that a famous French writer experienced. At times throughout her life, she would be haunted by the memory of the things that had happened to her and the people around her. She would see in her mind’s eye several unhappy memories that had taken place.

One day these images came to her in the form of flowers. She decided that she would like to have these flowers planted in the garden in her own home so that every day she would be reminded of the happiness she had in her past.


As you can see, this famous painting has a very personal meaning to the artist who created it. It is appropriate that it inspires people to look inward and find happiness, love, and beauty in their own lives. When you are creating art, it should be for yourself and no one else. You are the only person who can live with your art and have everlasting happiness because you created it. Therefore, when you look at paintings of your mother or your kids, do not forget that they are for you and not for someone else.

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