Mexican Painting Styles To Know About

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Mexico is one of the most diverse places in North America, and it is located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a cultural hub because there are more than 50 groups of people of various ethnicities. There are different cultures and languages, which renders Mexico a wonderful and colorful country. But most importantly, you need to know about the Mexican painting styles and the history behind it. If you are a painting enthusiast, then you will miss out on a lot if you do not know about the specific painting styles of Mexico. 

Mexican Folk Art

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Mexican folk art does not only incorporate paintings but also other objects made by specific artists t in Mexico. Folk art is self-taught, and no one has learnt it in any school. Most of the folk arts are made by hand, and you can find ceramic sculptures and regular paintings. Mexican ethnic groups mostly used their hands to make these paintings, and they are remarkable pieces of art. There are a lot of natural materials with which people make many types of art. Depending on whatever was available to the people, the people indulged in artistic drawings and sculptures. Here are some examples of art that you can trace back to the 16th century. 

Retablo Paintings-Mexican Painting Styles

This is the kind of Mexican art that comprises European religious invocation. The word retablo comes from the meaning behind the altar. The altar is a piece of decoration inside the church, and that is where the name comes from. In the case of the retablo paintings, the material is mostly inexpensive, like wood and metal. Mostly those are pictures of Christian saints who are worshiping near the altar. Primarily these paintings are created by unskilled Mexican people, and they are a clear depiction of the governance of the Christian religion, especially the Catholic faith. 

Nahuatl Painting

This is another one of the Mexican art forms that are made on amate paper. It is an indigenous type of painting that you cannot find anywhere else apart from Mexico. These paintings are very colorful and vibrant, and the Nahua people make it. It is a way of decorative products to the paper surface. Amate paper is mostly made out of tree fibers and barks. It mostly comes from mulberry trees, and this is a kind of vintage paper. There are three different cultures in Mexico to make this specific kind of writing: Nahua, Otomi, and Topeka. 

Examining Mexican Painting Styles

If you closely examine the Mexican painting styles, you will get to know about the Latin American context of those times. You will feel the traditional relevance in all the paintings and even find the similarity in contemporary art. Mexican art only talked about European style, but there were a lot of indigenous themes as well. The best part about Mexican art is that you can never get bored of the same manner. There is always something new that you can find, so you would want to do more research on the same.


Now that you have a clear Idea regarding the Mexican painting styles, you should visit those art exhibitions and museums anytime soon.

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