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Artwork is a stream of one’s feelings, constantly flowing out like a stream of water. When an artistic mind is at the get-go, their mind enters a different dimension of its own where it’s just them and their art. But these dimensions are easily cracked. Artists have often expressed how being disturbed while painting has led them to lose inspiration and the direction of art. Factors like other people, situations, etc. cannot be helped but why let something like your own art supplies hamper your work? Drawing pens often take longer to dry, slowing your speed down as well as creating a threat of ruining your artwork by easily getting smudged. This is where alcohol-based multicolor pens come to the rescue.

Alcohol-based Multicolor Pens

Alcohol-based pens are pens where the colorful ink is mixed with alcohol as a solvent. These pens dry quickly as alcohol is more readily evaporated than other solvents. These pens assure a smooth work session without posing a risk of ruining your artwork. They also come with two-sided nibs – broad and fine – which can be alternated depending on the thickness of the strokes one needs. They also come in a large variety of colors, packed neatly in a container so nothing is stopping you from drawing your heart out.

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  • Color Quantity: 168 Colors
  • Package Quantity: 168 Pcs
  • Type: Art Marker
  • Stamp: No
  • Packaging: Set


  • They quickly dry as the alcohol evaporates quickly. This ensures the ink dries without leaving a smudge or blot.
  • Alcohol-based pens are refillable with the refill bottles being easily available.
  • These work smoothly and efficiently on all surfaces.
  • The nibs of the pens can be easily replaced. So, it is easy to replace a worn-out nib and make the pen brand new.
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  • Alcohol-based markers need to be capped immediately as exposure to the air for long might lead the marker to dry out.
  • The alcoholic smell from the markers can act as an irritant for some.
  • The ink might bleed through thin papers causing a spot on the back of it.


Artistic expression is the freest expression of one’s thoughts as to when one lets their imagination run wild, the emotions come out as a mix of colors which is not held back by the barrier of vocabulary. There is no limit to art, unlike words where one needs to put their thoughts in the form of sentences made of pre-defined letters. With art, what one is feeling comes out right how they want to express it. Therefore, it is essential that there is no hurdle in the path of one’s illustration of their minds. Hence, products like alcohol-based multicolor pens are crucial to prevent this flow of thoughts from getting blocked by an undried blot of ink.

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