Japanese Painting Styles You Should Know About

Japanese Painting Styles

We all know how cultural Japanese people are, and the kind of painting styles that they indulge in. For several centuries Japan had relationship with the waste which is why their art style has a lot of Western influence. A lot of people lived in the island of Japan indulged in various artists styles which has undergone a lot of revolution in these years. There are a lot of Japanese art forms like flowers animals and birds and there are various styles to indulge in. Here are some of the areas of art in Japan.

Ceramics And Sculptures

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From 10500BC- 300BC, there was Jomon period, in which most of the artists made earthen vessels. The material was reddish brown clay which was hardened in low temperatures. They made sculptures called dogu, which was in the shape of women with extravagant features. The word used for prayers and were a symbol of fertility. After ceramics the sculptures were created in wood or bronze. It was connected to Buddhism and after that Japanese created you statues like horses and warriors. There are sculptures over 42 feet in height with intricate detailing.

Paintings-Japanese Painting Styles

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Painting was not any art form in Japan but it came from China in the form of calligraphy. It was done with the help of ink and brushes and the words were beautiful. The artist started creating images with brushes and there were figures associated with Buddhism. The Japanese paintings developed with a lot of subjects and started incorporating new things. It represented scenes from life and also had association with Buddhism. With the development of Japanese paintings, more and more vertical compositions began taking place and some of them were done on silk.

Woodblock Printing

This is one of the most amazing Japanese painting styles which brought out the idea of painting. Woodblock printing is the method of engraving the image into the block of wood and filling it with ink. There are short knives to do the engraving process and also one can use chisels. This is one of the best Japanese painting styles which started making pictures related to Buddhism, but later on they also incorporated other images as well.

Painting styles And Schools-Japanese Painting Styles

There are numerous painting schools and styles in Japanese art that you would want to go for. For example black ink art is known as suibokuga and it comes with the belief of Zen Buddhism. Kano Masanobu is something which was established in the year Kano painting school. The Kano school was distributed into several branches and most of the artist are skilled professionals. There are also other kinds of painting schools like Nanga and Tosa-ha. The vertical scrolls were known as kakemono and horizontal scrolls were called emakimono. There are a lot of other painting styles which are called byubu in Japanese and reduced in the seventh century.


There are a lot of amazing Japanese painting styles which are beautiful to look at. Each of the artistic styles are worth the investment and you would want to have some of them in your living room. What are you waiting for?

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