How to Get Creative With Abstract Painting Ideas

abstract painting ideas

Painting is a hobby for many people of all ages, from youngsters to the elderly. Most of them do not know how to begin, and they give up when they do not get the results they desire. However, it is not difficult to paint. With a little bit of guidance and some abstract art supplies, you can easily paint some fantastic paintings that will amaze your friends. With these simple and easy to follow DIY instructions, you can paint on your own, and you’ll be ready to show off your results within hours.

Some of the simplest abstract painting ideas require nothing more than pure watercolor painting and basic color mixing skills. There are different types of paints, each having its specific properties and effects. You can purchase paints in stores and even in online stores and shops. You can choose to use only acrylic paints to create your works, while others prefer to use oil paints. However, even non-realistic paints can create striking effects, as long as you blend the colors well with various textures.

Choosing Simple Paintings

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It is recommended for abstract painting ideas that you choose simple paintings that make use of only basic colors. It is preferable to avoid using colors like black and dark red. These colors are best for paintings used for decorations. Pouring paint onto a piece of paper helps achieve a better effect, and it’s much easier to control the size of the shapes while you are pouring the paint into the shapes.

Once you are done painting the canvas, you can apply any frame to the canvas to enhance the look. Some of the most popular frames include canvas lettering, which can give you a great canvas to get creative with; you can either frame your canvas by painting on it or using it as a plain backdrop. For abstract painting ideas that use a plain backdrop, you can try making a collage out of small pieces of paper and magazines.


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In terms of abstract painting ideas, textures can also play a big role. If you are using only black or dark red colors for your collages, you can easily achieve a rustic or country look. If you have a lot of white spaces, then you can experiment with different textures like stencils. By painting on textures, you can create a variety of patterns.

Another great way to get creative with abstract painting ideas is to experiment with using various brushes. There are brush packs made especially for use with acrylic paints, and these come in different size and shapes. You can get the best possible brushes from your art store or online. It is highly recommended to paint with a wide-tooth comb while you are mixing paints on the canvas. This is because using a fine toothbrush or a hard brush will result in a messy finish.

It is very important to select the right color palette for your abstract art pieces. Painting with the wrong colors will ruin your work. So always try to match your palette with the texture and shape of the objects you will paint. Remember that you can use any color that you like for your object. However, make sure that the shades are not too intense not to distract the viewer.

Final Words

Painting can be a fun and exciting hobby. There are many different ways of using colors and textures. By following these ideas, you can transform your ordinary pieces into something extraordinary and unique. If you are still not convinced about how you can apply these techniques in your own home, why not join a painting class or hire the services of an artist. Your journey towards becoming an abstract art painter will be an exciting one!

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