How To Create A Famous Tree Painting

Some people take these works of art for granted while others think they are the work of some Pop artist. Or maybe they are both, but the real question is who created these masterpieces?

The most famous tree painting I can remember was of a giant oak in a huge garden. It was painted by Vincent Van Gogh. This giant oak was part of an extremely large group of paintings called the Crucifix Landscape. He is best known for this group, which also included The Starry Night and The Night Cafe.

Amazing Art

A large body of water with a city in the background

So, where did this amazing artist get his inspiration to create such amazing art? Some believe it was a childhood accident. Others say it was inspired by seeing too much of nature and what he perceived to be its tranquility. Still others say it was a dream. Whatever the inspiration was, it certainly worked because The Starry Night remains one of the most famous paintings ever made.

Van Gogh was at the forefront of other artists at the beginning of the movement called Pre-Raphaelites. These were artists who produced artwork using oil paints. Some of the other greats in this era were Boucher, Chardin, Giordano and Cezanne. All these artists had a hand in creating the famous tree painting that we know today.

Depth Of Field

A sunset over a body of water

One of the most important aspects of the famous tree painting is the depth of field. depth of field refers to the wide range of colors that can be seen in the painting and at the same time be separated so that only parts of the scene are seen. This helps bring depth to the piece and makes it more appealing to the eye. It is something that a good painter can do.

Another way that the painting gets attention is by the shadow that is cast upon the subject or the tree. This is where the similarity ends. In fact, the famous tree painting is not a recreating of an actual tree at all but a painting which was inspired by the real thing. There is no doubt that Van Gogh was a visionary and one of the most innovative artists of all time. However, there is reason to believe that he might have become famous had he tried something different when creating his painting.


One of the many theories about why the famous tree painting is so popular is due to its theme. Many people today are more into the theme of Christmas. This is why so many people choose a recreational tree for their home during this time of the year.

But there are some who choose this particular type of painting because it stands alone as an example of brilliance and creativity. When people view paintings of famous celebrities, they are often those that are based on their lives, not on their art. This is what makes these types of paintings such a hit.


While you may not necessarily know much about either the celebrity or the artist, seeing their physique in the work will allow you to see exactly what kind of person they are. In other words, this type of painting allows you to see the famous part and not just the artwork. The most famous paintings of all time typically portray powerful, dramatic subjects such as a tree, so it should come as no surprise that the famous tree painting is also popular among people looking for a way to portray a similar subject.

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