Hokusai Painting – A Famous Waves Painting From Japan

famous waves painting

The famous waves painting by Hokusai may be one of the most recognizable works of art from Japan. In fact, this particular work has inspired many movies, books, and television shows. For this reason, many people–even non-artists–have tried to replicate the Hokusai technique. And while a lot of artists have tried, few have been successful.

Japanese Famous Painting

A close up of a person wearing a costume

In a nutshell, the elemental battles are handled in such a way as to remind us of old Japanese paintings – think of the famous waves painting in Hokusai. Of course, the story works pretty well in some situations, and the action scenes are thrilling, but there are certainly some technical issues to deal with as well. For this reason, many artists have concentrated their efforts on other mediums. One of the pioneers in this field was Osamu Takata, who managed to make his animated movie versions very attractive and appealing.

Now, let’s go back to the Hokusai painting. You see, the famous painting is a flat black and white drawing, which is accompanied by swelling and bending smoke particles. What do we get? We get the appearance of large, white fog banks which are visible when we are sailing on the Pacific Ocean. In fact, the Japanese refer to the big waves as the “Hokusai.”

Other Japanese Art Films

Water next to the ocean

This technique of rendering waves is used not only in Hokusai paintings but also in other Japanese art films. You will notice this when you watch movies like Trancers, Ran, The Fantastic Four, or Samurai Chamadeye-Kami. Also, when you watch the latest installment of Star Trek, you will see the effects of these giant white blobs on the Enterprise. I wonder what they have in store for us in the future? It seems that Hollywood has already created the concept of the famous Hokusai painting and transformed it into a technique of filmmaking.

The technique of the painting has been used for years, but only recently has it been adopted by Japanese artists for the big screen. The reason for this is that the giant blobs are not only painted in black, but in actual fact they are painted with incredibly vivid color schemes. This is probably due to the fact that Japanese artists are used to working with enormous detail, so it is no surprise that their painting gets drawn with such amazing levels of detail.

Know About “The Who” Band

When I was a kid, my favorite band at the time was The Who. And when I got the album, I was very impressed with the painting called Sea of Leaves. This painting depicts a huge group of people standing on the water in huge, swirling, sea battle. I love this painting because it reminds me of when I used to spend countless hours drawing sea battles in school. This painting would often get me so excited.

Final Words

If you want to see more great artwork, check out the website below. You will be able to purchase prints of paintings by Hokusai artists and you will even be able to purchase original art pieces here. This website is actually a huge collection of paintings from famous artists. Everything from modern day paintings to traditional Japanese art is available here.

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