Guide To Use Paint Brushes

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The most crucial aspect to consider is to choose the right set of brushes whenever planning for painting. Ensure that you are getting stiff bristle brushes and synthetic paint brushes when you are buying paint brushes for acrylic painting. Stiff bristle brushes are actually used for oil painting. Then again, synthetic brushes are used for smooth watercolor painting. Therefore, the effect of your art purely depends on your brush type.

Parts Of A Paint Brush

There are some parts to a paint brush. They are:

  • Bristles: Bristles can be synthetic and natural. Besides, bristles also apply the paint. Good quality bristles or brushes will have firm when holding by bristles.
  • Handle: It is where you hold the paint brushes. They are made from wood and also can be seen in plastic. However, the length can be different.
  • Ferrule: These made of metal. It connects the handle with the bristles. Even ferrule keeps the bristles in shape, and a good quality ferrule doesn’t rust.
  • Crimp: This crimp secures ferrule to the handle.
  • Toe: Toe touches the canvas.
  • Belly: Belly is a large part of the bristles. In round brushes, it locates in the middle area beyond the ferrule.

Categories Of Paint Brushes

Guide To Use Paint Brushes
Guide To Use Paint Brushes

Paint brushes categorized into three board types, they are:

  • Natural: These types of brush made with animal hair on the bristles. It helps to hold the paint and gets the shape well. However, these type of brush don’t get any damage if not washed quickly after using. These brushes are expensive and need appropriate maintenance.
  • Synthetic Type Paint Brushes: These types of brush made with polyester or nylon on the bristles. They are an excellent option for acrylic paints. These brushes also hold color well and retain their shape. However, these brushes are very easy to clean after every use.
  • Mixed: These are a combination of natural type brushes and synthetic type of brush.

Types Of Paint Brushes

Guide To Use Paint Brushes
Guide To Use Paint Brushes

Fan Paint Brushes: This type is flat and spread hairs. They come in different sizes and thicknesses. These are an excellent option for painting bushes, cloudy sky, highlighting, trees, grasses, etc. These natural fan paint brush is suitable for blending and featuring. Besides, the synthetic fan type brushes are ideal for textural effect and clouds.

Flat Paint Brushes: These are square end with long hairs. These hold a lot of paint and cover a significant area of color. These types are suitable for strokes, wide spaces, and bold washes, and you can even use these flat brushes for lines, stripes, and edges.

Angular Flat: These angular flat paint brush is slightly slanted. The most advantage of this type of paint brush is that it gives you better control to paint lines. Besides, you can reach edges and small areas with the tip of this slanted brush.

Round Paint Brushes: These are round or having a tip of pointed. These are good for filing some small areas or edges, controls washes, sketching and detailing work. However, its considered as a brush for outlining. It can create thick lines as well as thin lines.

Filbert Brushes: These are flat shaped brushes with long hairs. These are good for painting petals on the flowers. However, this type of brush is a combination of flat and round types of brushes.

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