Great Tips To Improve Your Pencil Art

Great Tips to Improve Your Pencil Art

If you are searching for ways to improve your pencil art, this article is for you. Here you will learn what types of pencils, canvas, paints, and other materials to use in order to create your pencil art. Finally, here are some tips to improve your pencil art.

Follow Guidelines

If you’re making a drawing or painting with today’s pencils, it is important to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer to prevent burns and damage to the paint. The most important thing is to avoid using anything that can cause the paint to drip or run while painting.

Paints made for oil-based mediums should be used to begin a painting project. Some basic oils include linseed oil, turpentine, acrylic, petroleum jelly, and lard.

Great Tips To Improve Your Pencil Art
Great Tips To Improve Your Pencil Art

Choose Right Tools

The most common pencils to be used for artists is the Sakura, a type of graphite pencil. However, some call them tweezers because of their very small size. With this pencil, you can use the tip to trace shapes, drawings, or portraits.

A broad flat brush will do wonders when you’re working on a painting project. It is also very soft and you can blend colors quickly and easily. Most artists prefer to use medium and stiff brushes but it will depend on the kind of painting that you are doing.

Color is also an essential part of an artist’s arsenal. Every single color has its own special purpose when it comes to a particular drawing. When coloring pencil art, do not let a single color stand out too much, but rather use the entire palette to make your images pop and become more beautiful.

Great Tips To Improve Your Pencil Art
Great Tips To Improve Your Pencil Art

Paint Application

Paint with a light touch to make sure that the paint does not end up smudging. You can also use your finger to apply the paint so that it goes where you want it to go. Usually, artists will use acrylic paints and then use a darken the paint with a lighter color to blend the two. However, you should take note that using only one or two colors is not considered good enough.

Inks are also helpful to add details to your sketch. If you are making a photo study, a few photos and charcoal pieces will be easier to work with. You can mix and match from the black and white photograph or print it, using a darken the ink with a lighter color to blend the two.

One of the good ways to get the paint to run, smudge, or drip is to simply use your fingers. However, this is only when you do not have to erase the paint as you go along. In general, try to use one or two strokes to smooth the paint on the paper.

Paper Usage

When you make a drawing, always start with the paper and clean it up afterward. Brush-on airbrush, an electric ink-brush, and airbrush paint all work on clean surfaces. After applying the paint, wipe the surface with a soft cloth to avoid splattering or bleeding.

Then, you can take the picture on your fingers and use your hands to turn it over. After that, using a damp cloth, wipe the paper dry.

Bottom Line

It may seem difficult to make a pencil art at first but with practice, you will find how easy it really is. For beginners, I suggest that you start on the simplest lines first and only try to draw something that is not human. If you find it easy, move on to a more complicated picture and build on your skills.

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