Famous Venus Paintings And Their Symbolic Meanings

A person holding a gun

If you are looking to do a little bit of stargazing or astrology with a bit more drama, you can learn about famous Venus paintings. Venus is the goddess of beauty and love and was also known as the planet of the dreamer. The art that comes from this goddess is thought to depict messages of love and desire that come to us during our birth charts. A picture is much like a language that can be interpreted in many different ways.

Venus And Astrology


Another interpretation for Venus is the “birth chart.” This means that you can interpret a painting according to your zodiac sign. One of the most famous examples is by John Wayne. He was an entertainer who often portrayed tough men in his movies. One of his best-known paintings is one that he did for his album cover with an image that looked like a bullet being fired from a gun in the sky.

According to astrology, the painting symbolizes the “birth” that John Wayne experienced in his youth. Many people who buy celebrity artwork do so because they relate to the person who created it. For example, many people today consider Patti LaBelle a classic beauty, even though she was married four times. 

History Behind the Painting


The meaning of the paintings is meant to illustrate John Wayne’s influence in his past life. He used the colors red and black, which are the colors from the gun that he drew. Many astrologers believe that John Wayne was born when his mother, Belleau, was killed during a robbery attempt. The astrologer then puts her birth date into the year 1989. He also puts her profession as a nurse on the left-hand side of the chart, next to the career of “soldier,” which is how the name of John Wayne was pronounced.

Venus Paintings In Terms Of Art

In terms of art, the Famous Venus Paintings represent the “transmission” of energy. This energy may be love, peace, harmony, or a sense of achievement that you feel when you find true love. If your birth chart is in a negative position, such as being in a house of negative energy, you may want to give more thought to loving yourself more and having more patience with others. You may also want to try to release any negative feelings that you have for others. There are many different methods that people use to release their past traumas, such as meditation and yoga. If these don’t work, there are other ways to find release, such as writing, speaking with God, reading books, or visiting with a psychic.

Paintings Do Express Certain Feeling.

The Famous Venus Paintings may have other symbolic meanings to the people who see them. If your chart is positioned in the east, Venus will be in your chart. If you were born in June, Venus would be in your solar sign Taurus. You may also want to consider that Taurus is the Zodiac’s second house, and Venus is in your third house of the zodiac. This means that when Venus is present in a painting, she is usually connected with joy, love, romance, and desire.


Famous Venus paintings can have several meanings for the women who they inspire. They can be expressing their innermost feelings for a loved one, or they may be trying to let go of some of their past traumas. They may want to appreciate the beauty of it all and try to understand how the Universe works. No matter what the reason is, women can greatly benefit from looking at these great paintings. They can allow them to see a different side of themselves that they could not see otherwise.

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