Famous Staircase Painting From All Over The World To Look At

famous staircase painting

Have you ever seen the beautifully famous staircase painting from all over the world? These staircase have bright colors, great fantastic patterns and detailed images that will surely wow you. These painting are all amazing works. There are even some paintings that you can use on your walls. But do you know what is the best part about these famous staircase paintings? The best part is that these paintings are painted by famous artists. There are even staircase paintings that are a result of the collaborative effort put in by the local communities who have worked together to make something beautiful. So here in this article we will discuss about the famous staircase painting. These will surely leave you wishing that you could walk up these beautiful masterpieces at all times.

Beautiful Staircase Of Beirut, Lebanon

A group of people standing in front of a building

This colorful geometric stair is created by a small group of designers who are known as Dihzahyners. this group consists of recent design graduates in the Beirut area who meet once a month to make these street staircase art. Their main goal is to make a beautiful cityscape. This group find their inspiration from blank spaces in the city and beautiful street art from the other. Since this group is still a small group so they want to start with stairs and then will move on to bigger projects. It took 8 hours for the artists to make the geometric pattern that runs across the entire staircase. As there was extreme heat the artists took rounds to complete this piece.

16th Avenue Mosaic Steps in San Francisco, CA

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This 16th Avenue Mosaic Steps in San Francisco have become a famous tourist spot but this was originally made as a part of a neighborhood project. This was led by artists Colette Crutcher and Aileen Barr and more than 300 neighbors designed the custom tiles to create the mosaic. You can find this stairs at the corner of the 16th Avenue and Moraga Street this iconic stair was funded by San Francisco Parks Trust. Each of the 163 individual steps is unique just like the residents of the neighborhood.

The Rocky Steps, Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Art Museum is home to one of the most beautiful architectural structures in Philadelphia, the Rocky Steps. The museum took this iconic portrait of Dali and blew it up to the billboard proportions. From there they cut it into strips that was attached to the steps risers.

The Holsteiner Stairs, Wuppertal, Germany

The Holsteiner Stairs in Wuppertal Germany has been renamed in the general public as the Rainbow Stairs for obvious reasons. It was the German artist Horst Glasker who painted the steps with acrylic paint which he then titled as Scala which is an Italian word for staircase. Each stair has its own color making a rainbow through the city that the residents and tourists are very familiar with. Each of the 112 steps have a German word that shows human relationship and emotions stenciled on it.

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