Famous Portraits Painting – An Evolving Concept in Modern Art

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This concept has always been there and it is not new. Portrait painting has always played an important role and that is why you will find almost every famous portrait in the history book. In the olden era, portrait painting was done by professionals who are very skilled and experienced. The concept of taking the picture and making it look beautiful was very complex. 

The artists of that era used to use all sorts of techniques on their photographs to make them look interesting and appealing. Those were the days when photography took a long time before it became widely available to the common man. However, those were the times when famous portraits were made and it was really very amazing.

Publish Them In Magazines Or Newspapers

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At that time, only the very famous and wealthy people had access to professional photography and they used to take their own pictures in a fancy studio and publish them in magazines or newspapers. As photography started gaining popularity and more people started taking photos, they started using their skills to make a beautiful portrait of famous people. This process of taking pictures and making them look beautiful was called expressionism. This was a revolutionary concept that revolutionized the art of photography. Some people say that this concept may have helped the art of photography but some others think that it may have destroyed it completely.

Expressionism is one of the most famous painting techniques of that era and it is also widely used by the modern artists. Portrait painting involves taking the photographs of a person in a particular pose and then trying to make it look attractive and natural. The artists then try to add some creative strokes on the canvas to make it look wonderful. During that time, it was considered as a very difficult and tedious task to get the photographs to look attractive and real. But with the arrival of Expressionism, everything changed and the painting style became much better and more realistic.


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Expressionism is not only limited to portrait paintings and photography; it also includes paintings in many other media. But the aspect of the painting is definitely very different when compared to portrait paintings and photography. The paintings during that time were full of color and it had a wonderful feel to it. They also exuded a sense of sincerity and creativity.

These paintings were so popular and everyone wanted to have their own version of a famous artist’s work. Paintings from that era were mostly sold and the artists earned good money during that time. Many famous painters tried to develop their skills and create even more appealing and realistic paintings. They were even ready to spend even more money in order to achieve perfection in their work. These paintings became very famous and their demand was as high as it ever was.

Artists Started To Leave The Industry

But not all were blessed with success and fame. There were a number of artists who didn’t enjoy success in their career and that is why they created some flawed paintings. Some paintings looked so ugly and so hideous that they were rejected by the art community. 

These people tried their best but still couldn’t create the perfect masterpiece. As a result these artists started to leave the industry. But soon after, they started to paint again and to bring back the beauty and originality of the famous portraits painting.


Today, you will still find many beautiful paintings in the market. But there has been a change in the painting techniques used for modern art. As a matter of fact, the concept of painting has completely changed. Paintings are no longer done using brush and canvas.

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