Famous Portrait Paintings Painted During the 1800s

famous portrait painting

Paintings are not just pieces of art that are good to look at, a painting induces a feeling from within – paintings are emotions poured out from the soul of an artist and it’s meant to touch the viewers at the exact same place where it came from.

The world we live in is a blend of both art and science, and our brains were created in a way that it requires both creative and logical thinking. So, let us set some time aside and look at some of the most renowned paintings created by artists who’ve spent their lives, mastering the art of it.

49. Isleworth Mona Lisa:

A man sitting on the ground

How many of you are aware about the fact that there is another version of the world’s most renowned creations – Mona Lisa? You can say there is another Mona Lisa 2.0 which is known as Isleworth Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa Foundation revealed that Leonardo da Vinci painted another painting of Mona Lisa between 1503-1506 after examining the documents and test results. The Isleworth picture was named after the location of Blaker’s studio in Isleworth, West London.

The painting was later bought by Henry F. Pulitzer, who claimed that it was Leonardo’s only real portrait of Lisa del Giocondo. The current owners have rebranded the Isleworth Mona Lisa to earlier Mona Lisa. Because they have the notion that Leonardo himself painted parts of it before beginning the most famous painting in the world: Mona Lisa.

48. The Potato Eaters:

A cup of coffee on a table

The Potato Eaters is an oil painting made by Vincent Van Gogh in April 1885 in the Netherlands. As he said that he wants to represent peasants as they really were. He intentionally chose scratchy and ugly models. He thought that it would be natural and unspoiled in his complete work.

“You see, I actually wanted to create it in a way that folks get the thought that these people are eating their potatoes under the little lamp which have cultivated by themselves with these hands they’re putting in the dish, and then it speaks of labor and – therefore they honestly earned their food.

I wanted to present the thought of an entirely different method of life from ours — civilized folks. Therefore, I actually don’t need everybody simply to admire it or approve of it while not knowing why.”

47. The Night Café:

The Night Cafe is another masterpiece created by Vincent Van Gogh in September 1888 in Arles. The painting was made on an industrial fit canvas of size thirty. It illustrates the inside of the restaurant, with a half-curtained entry within the center background leading, presumably, to a lot of personal quarters. Five customers sit at tables and the walls to the left and right, and a waiter in a lightweight coat, to one facet of a table close to the middle of the space, stands to face the viewer.

46. Massacre Of The Innocents:

The Massacre of the Innocents is consisting of two paintings which are made by Peter Paul Rubens, illustrating the episode of the biblical Massacre of the Innocents of Bethlehem. The first version painted by Rubens dates from around 1611–12. In the 17th century, the painting became a part of the Liechtenstein assortment in the Austrian capital, Austria.

The Forchondt brothers sold each painting to Hans-Adam I, patrician of Liechtenstein whom they knew through his father Karl Eusebius of Caesarea, patrician of Liechtenstein around 1700. The paintings got the Liechtenstein family seal and are recorded within the assortment till the nineteenth century, were drawings in 1815 show they decorated side by side within the Garden Palace in the Austrian capital.

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