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Painting has been the most common form of expression since ancient ages. This painting had thus set the record for the most expensive artwork ever to sell at an auction. The following article discusses the importance and relevance of one of the most famous paintings scream. The famous painting scream holds numerous emotions and has been considered one of the finest works of art over the ages. Here are a few facts and discussions about the painting that has made it extremely popular.

The Famous

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Whether you are a connoisseur in the field of art or an art student, you must have heard about the immensely famous painting, The Scream. Next to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mons Lisa, the famous painting Scream by Edvard Munch is the most iconic human figure art in the history of Western art. This painting from 1895 has been a part of many dramatic robberies and recoveries for a long period of time. In 2012, a pastel-on-board version of this painting was sold in the US for $120 million!

Art Behind The Famous Painting Scream

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The Scream is a painting that was inspired by a real-life hallucinatory experience. The famous painting Scream expresses Edvard’s innermost thoughts through bright, exaggerated colors yet, simple shapes. Under a boiling sky that is aflame with colors like red, orange, and yellow stands a figure upon the bridge. Apart from the two figures standing behind on the bridge and a boat, everything in the painting is filled with a sense of overwhelming horror.

The Scream is surprisingly a simple painting that uses minimum art forms to achieve maximum expressiveness. Before the time this painting was made, artists were only interested in painting subjects as objectively as possible. The amount of their success was often measured by the technical skills of their painting. Hence, Edvard’s The Scream is considered too radical for its time that has set the scene for more progressive forms of modern art.

Interpretations and Analysis of The Scream

The meaning of the famous painting Scream was profoundly personal for Edvard Munch. It is said that he created this masterpiece when he was at a critical stage in his life. Although he was a tormented soul, he did not intend to represent just an individual scream. Rather, he chose a featureless and androgynous figure who could represent anyone going through stress and anxiety.

In the manner of a true expressionist, Edvard has revealed his true feelings of loneliness and exhaustion even as he was amidst his friends. The painting depicted his extreme existential crisis at the moment and his feelings of anxiety. This experience is also stated in his diary entry, which is dated January 22, 1892.


The famous painting Scream played a key role in the start of the Expressionist Movement in the early twentieth century. This iconic painting has been stolen twice in 1994 and 2004. Today, this masterpiece is appreciated for not only its color elements but also for its visual depiction of both sound and internal emotions.

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