Famous Abstract Art Paintings By Artists Such As Mondrian

famous abstract painting

You may find famous abstract paintings by Pollock, Monet, Cezanne, Warhol, Chardin, Canfield and many more. All these artists have given their efforts to make these paintings.

The famous abstract painting done by Pollock stands for his famous work with elements of color tones and shapes. The style he used was based on the French impressionism. He has been able to create amazing paintings.

Man At The Crossroads

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A famous abstract painting done by Pollock is called Man at the Crossroads. This painting has strong resemblance to real world paintings like Monet’s famous painting of the same subject. The use of contrasting colors and shapes gives this painting a special appeal. So, it’s not surprising that artists are trying to imitate the style of this famous painter.

Another good abstract painting done by an artist is entitled Light. This one is by Paul Gauguin. He also has another series of paintings called The Blue Danube. This artist has used different kinds of shades and hues to give these paintings a dream-like quality. So, you don’t have to worry about not finding what to buy when you are looking for a good abstract art.

Beautiful Paintings

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Many artists have created beautiful paintings that would attract you. If you want to learn more about these famous abstract artists, then you can look up the Internet. There are a number of websites that will help you get more information on these famous artists. One can also create their own website that contains their works. This would help a person in knowing more about an artist and what they have created.

You can find a lot of cheap abstract works online. These are paintings that were made using inexpensive and easily available materials. Cheap abstract works can be purchased at affordable prices if you shop around. However, there are some artists who specialize in selling paintings that are expensive because they actually own the copyright to them.

Geometric Shapes

Some abstract art paintings contain geometric shapes. You can find some with flowers or others with simple circles or squares. You can select from a large number of colors when you look for these abstract works online. Some of these paintings are done with watercolors while others are done with oils.

This type of painting involves using different shapes that form a unique design. For example, a famous abstract painting done by a famous artist of today would look very different from a work done a hundred years ago. The work of Picasso for instance, would look very different than a work by Warhol. You can also find abstract paintings that have a cartoon theme. Some of these types of paintings are done using characters from popular culture like Mickey Mouse. You can find a wide variety of artists when you look for these types of paintings online.

Use Their Own Style

However, not all of these paintings are done by famous abstract artists. There are some artists who use their own style and make their own personal abstract paintings. An example of this would be the work of artists who use abstract colors like reds and greens. These artists have made good abstract art on canvas by only using their own imagination and style. There are also artists who sell original abstract artworks online through galleries. These are artists who have signed their names to the paintings that they sell.

A good place to look for famous abstract paintings is through online galleries. There are some artists who have made a name for themselves online and sell their own paintings over the internet. You can browse through online galleries of paintings and find ones that you like to buy. This will give you a wide variety of different paintings to choose from.

Final Words

Another famous abstract painting by artists such as Mondrian would be The Sandup Baby. This famous painting was inspired by a real incident that occurred in Mondrian’s life. His grandmother had just passed away when he was only nine years old. After this tragic event he began to paint this wonderful abstract artwork. The subject of this painting was to capture the wonder and beauty of a dead child. It was one of his most successful paintings ever and it still remains a favorite today.

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