Explore The Different Kinds Of Painting Styles

different kinds of painting styles

Painting is all about splashing colors using brushes or other equipment to express the feelings and thoughts of the painter. For ages, painting has played a significant role in upholding the culture. There are various kinds of painting styles and techniques through which a painter may express his creativity.

Modernism Painting Style

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Introduced during the late 19th century till the late 20th century, this style of painting is quite different from the traditional painting style. It showcases the radical mindset of the artists. In this style, the stereotypical and conservative painting patterns and subjects are rejected, and emphasis is given on innovation and experimentation.

Impressionism Painting Style. Developed in the late 19th century in Paris, this style of painting is unique and has certain special features — brush strokes are comparatively thinner, emphasis is given on the portrayal of light and the use of subjects that may be normal or customary. It is an abstract style of painting, and it is generally colorful and vivid.

Expressionism Painting Style

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It is a style of painting that touches the heart and reflects the sentiments and emotions of the artist. It also instills a sense of passion in the viewer.

Surrealism Painting Style

Surrealism is a style of painting in which the imagination of the artist is portrayed. It is characterized by distorted figures, dream-like presentations, visual puns, etc. Surrealism painting can be classified into two divisions- veristic art and automatism art.

Minimalist Painting Style

This painting style depicts minimalism in painting. It can be done roughly on canvas,

paper, etc. Art galleries and museums are often adorned with minimalist paintings and can also be put in art exhibitions and for sale for the purpose of interior decoration. Minimalist paintings can be artificial or symbolic or based on some imagination or real-life incident. These can be painted using natural and non-natural materials.

Madhubani Painting Style

Originated in India, the Madhubani painting style is famous in India and Nepal. These paintings can be done using fingers, twigs, brushes, or even matchsticks. Powdered rice can be used to make these paintings. In ancient times, the walls of forts and palaces used to be adorned with Madhubani paintings.

Cubism Painting Style

Originating in Europe, Cubism is a famous and unique painting style. Different objects and subjects are represented using geometric shapes. It focuses on the two-

dimensional aspect of the subjects instead of the depth.


Being a delicate form of art, painting and the various kinds of painting styles help to

stimulate creativity in an individual and convey ideas and thoughts through their works. Each and every painting style has its own uniqueness and beauty. Several painters like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, etc., have made huge considerations in this field.

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