Different Types Of Art Styles And Techniques In Painting You Should Know About

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Painting is an art that has been around for ages. It evolved with civilizations and new forms of paintings kept developing. In the present time, there are a multitude of painting styles as well as techniques around the globe. These diverse styles can be categorized into majorly eastern and western. Both the regions have their uniqueness when it comes to paintings. Below are a few popular painting styles from both parts of the world.

1.Abstract Art

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Born from the idea of radicalism, abstract art is not the usual portrayal of the reality of actual things. It’s based on the image which depicts mainly 6 elements such as shapes, textures, lines, forms, value, and colors. Abstract art is not just limited to paintings. It can be visible in sculpture, photographs, or any other form of art. 


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In impressionism, an artist expresses using thin brush strokes, diverse angles, which makes ordinary objects. This kind of style emerged during the late 19th century in France. The idea behind it was the light that could interpret time. 

3.Chinese Painting Style 

The Chinese painting style also known as Guohua is an ancient art. The Chinese mostly use ink for painting on silk fabric or paper. There are diverse types of Chinese paintings which include figures, animals, and even terrains. It also comprises calligraphy that is quite different from the western style of paintings. The Chinese style is one of the oldest art styles in the world. 

4.Indian Style Paintings 

Throughout Indian history, there’s been diversity in painting styles. During the Mughal period, paintings were focused on presenting lifestyles in a very detailed manner. Whereas Rajput paintings are centered around devotion, love, and admiration. There are Madhubani paintings, Warli paintings, Tanjore paintings, and a whole world of paintings associated with different cultures in India. 

5.Modernism Or Modern Art

Modernism originated during the 1860s and 1970s in Europe. It essentially concentrated around freedom of ideas and thoughts. These paintings convey artistic creativity. It’s set without limitations and stays on the radical side.  

6.Japanese Paintings

The Japanese style of painting is inspired by the Chinese style as well as some of the western styles. Japanese art styles involve painting along with calligraphy, sculpturing as well as pottery. The Japanese painting styles are old and are considered quite elegant. The Great Wave of Kanagawa is a typical example of the Japanese style of painting. 


To sum up, the Abstract Art style is based on shapes, colors, lines, and is much more visible in other art forms. Impressionism defines moments or time with its light impressions. The Chinese Painting Style, Indian Style Paintings, and Japanese Paintings are pretty distinct from the western styles. They sometimes use calligraphy and even ink as their medium. Modernism is also known as Modern Art.

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