Diamond Painting tools Supplies

painting tools

A diamond painting is a type of “paint by numbers” project that uses glass-cut diamonds to create a picture. Diamond paintings are often called “diamond art”, “deco mesh paintings”, or “diamond dot paintings”. They typically include an image printed on mesh, but one can also purchase the diamond painting board pre-printed with images.

Diamond Painting Supplies

painting tools

These are the supplies you will need to get started with your diamond painting:

Diamond Painting Board

painting tools

Diamond artwork is created on a mesh board. The board comes with an adhesive back and is ready to use right out of the package. It works like graph paper, allowing you to position the diamonds in specific places on your painting. Diamond boards come in various sizes though most average around 12″ x 16″.

Mesh Stencils

Mesh stencils are a plastic grid that allows you to see exactly where the diamonds should be placed on your painting. It comes with a mesh background that you can use while painting, and it also has an adhesive backing so that all you need to do is place it over your diamond board and start painting.

Diamond Painting Needle Tool Set

A needle toolset includes one handle and several interchangeable heads for easy diamond painting. The set typically includes 5-10 different heads which each have a unique size or shape of a needle. These tools allow you to push the diamonds from the mesh onto your diamond board without ruining the mesh in the process.

Diamond Paints

Diamond paints are water-based and non-toxic, so they can easily be cleaned up with soap and water. The paints come in a variety of colors including metallics. You can purchase premade diamond painting kits or you can mix your own colors using test tubes.

Paint Palette

You will need someplace to mix your paint colors on! A palette is typically made from plastic or paper, but you could also use the lid of an old jar or even a rock if you don’t mind getting it dirty.

Water Container

Water is needed for diluting the paint while mixing, as well as rinsing your brush between colors If you’re painting on location, you can just use the lid of your water container as your palette!

Paper Towels

Paper towels are great for removing excess paint from brushes or dabbing off extra paint on mesh stencils. You’ll be using paper towels a lot, so make sure to always have some on hand.

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is great for blending colors. Add a little water to your paint and then mist it with the spray bottle. The mister will cause your paint to run, creating that blended look that you see on professionally painted diamonds.

Stencil Holder

You can purchase special diamond painting stencil holders if you’re working on a larger project, but if you just need something quick there are plenty of other items that can do the job! You may have an old mug or cup lying around the house that will work perfectly as a stencil holder. Just make sure it’s not plastic so you don’t ruin your mesh stencils, and be sure not to let them dry while they are still in the holder.


A good pair of scissors come in handy for a variety of diamond painting tasks. They can be used to cut stencils, cut your mesh board to different sizes, or even snip stray threads from the mesh board.

Paper or Glue Tape

Paper tape is a very thin, clear tape that you place over the top of your mesh board when using it with diamond paints. The paint won’t bleed through the paper tape and will dry smooth on the surface. Glue tape works in much the same way as paper tape except it is an actual strip of glue instead of paper. It’s typically white in color and made from a type of low-tack adhesive.


To ensure your diamonds are all the same size, you’ll need a ruler. Place it on top of your diamond board and align it to the edge so that all your diamonds will be even after painting.


Drawing pencils work great for ledger lines! A typical pencil can be used but if you want a line that you won’t have to erase later a mechanical pencil with a .03 tip is best. You can also use this type of pencil for drawing guidelines or flossing between beads that have been flocked onto mesh boards.

Sand Paper/ Emery Board

A sandpaper square is one way to smooth out any edges from embellishments such as glitter, foil, or beads. If you’re painting on fiber and need to remove the flocking, an emery board is a quick and easy way to do so without damaging or scratching your mesh board.


You’ll want a pair of good tweezers for placing small items such as glitter, beads, pearls, etc… onto your mesh boards. Tweezers with curved tips work best because they conform to the shape of whatever you are placing onto your diamond board. You can also opt for using angled forceps instead if you already have them in your tool kit.

Diamond Flocking Gun

A diamond flocking gun helps you apply loose glitter and other embellishments quickly and easily! The gun has two ends, one of which is a squeeze bulb that you use for blowing on the glitter onto your diamond board. You’ll hold onto the other end and press down to apply the flocking evenly on top of the mesh stencil–just like if you were painting with regular paint.

Flocking Applicator

An applicator works in the same way as the flocking gun except it doesn’t require any blowing or squeezing. The bristles are very soft so they will conform around your mesh board after you’ve dipped it into your container of loose glitter.

Sandpaper/ Emery Board (for stones)

If you’re using gemstones for embellishing your diamonds, an emery board or fine sandpaper will help you remove the backing. Do this before applying your stone to ensure you don’t damage it by tearing off its coating.


Diamond painting is easier than it seems! You can always purchase all of these diamond painting tools in a kit if you don’t want to research what they are. These diamond rhinestone painting supplies are perfect for kids too! Just ensure that you do your best to keep their fingers away from the super glue.

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