Cute Rock Painting Ideas For Kids

cute rock painting ideas

If you’re a rock fan like me, you will definitely agree with me when I say that there is nothing more attractive than beautiful and unique rock paintings. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. In fact, they can be used as the background for photo shots and even used as decorative pieces in your homes. There are several things you should keep in mind when planning to paint your own rocks. Keep reading to know more.

Purpose Of The Rock

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Before you begin, it’s important to know the purpose of the rock you’re going to paint. This is important because this will help you decide on the size of the rock and other details such as the color of the rock. Cute rock painting ideas for kids generally take into consideration the age and gender of the kids who will be using them. In addition, the size and color of the rock should be in line with the personality of your little ones. For instance, if your kids love underwater creatures, they will gravitate towards a underwater painting which features fishes. You can also make the painting more interesting by having underwater elements like bubbles or sea anemones.

When you already have an idea on what kind of rock painting ideas are best for you, the next step is to select a medium to use for your project. Oil and acrylic paints are the two most popular mediums used for DIY rock creations. However, you can always experiment with the other mediums as well. You may want to have your kids help you choose which one is the best for them.

Easy To Clean Up

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When choosing which medium to use, you have to make sure that it’s easy to clean up. Aside from oil paints, there are also water-based paints that can be used for your painted rocks. Some parents would recommend water-based paint for children as they are easier to clean up. However, it may not be good for people who love to do their own painting.

If you are going to use acrylic paints for your rock creations, you can ask your kids to help you paint the rocks in a creative way. They can make colorful specks and dots out of the different sizes of the rocks. They can make these colorful specks and dots as big as they want as well. To add color to their rock painting design, you can have them add some sparkle into the rocks. You can even have them add a design or pattern onto the rock using various tools.

Fun With Googly Eyes

Children can also have some fun with googly eyes while creating their rock painting ideas. There are a lot of cute ideas that you can experiment with when it comes to googly eyes. Kids can googly eyes on their rocks using a paintbrush and small googly eyes balls. Then, you can have them spray these googly eyes on top of the rocks. This will make the googly eyes pop and look even more like real eyes.

Bottom Line

Another great idea for kids who want to get some rock and art prints is to buy the calendars that have pictures of different kinds of animals printed on them. For instance, there are cute calendar designs that have koi fish printed all over them. You can also have bears or dogs printed on the calendar. These calendars are a great way to encourage kids to get out of the house and enjoy the holidays. Plus, they make excellent office gifts. They are also great because they are pretty affordable and last for years.

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