Cool Painting Ideas: 10 Awesome Ideas For The New Artist

Cool Painting Ideas

Everyone has an affinity with various art forms as these are ways of expressing ourselves. But some of us may stumble when it comes to cool painting ideas. And it’s a common thing that’s happening with mostly all at some point in time. Sometimes, people take inspiration from a piece they love, and as a beginner, it’s fine. Here are some of the cool painting ideas that you can follow at first at the beginning:

Cool Painting Ideas: Use Painter’s Tape For Blocking Off A Canvas

If no inspiration is coming to your mind, just use your painter’s tape. Without overthinking, using the tape, cover some parts of your canvas. It is best if you place the tape in geometrical patterns. Now, you can use watercolor or acrylic paints to have some abstract painting.

Cool Painting Ideas For New Artist
Cool Painting Ideas: 10 Awesome Ideas For The New Artist

Moonlight And Cherry Blossom Painting

Have you ever envisioned how it will look when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom at the moonlit night? They look gorgeous. And you can recreate it in your painting too. It may sound incredibly complicated to do, but the technique is actually quite easy to master.

Cool Painting Ideas: Lavender For Inspiration

When you are new to painting, it is best if you start with easy to make drawing and painting. As you begin with the simple artwork and complete it, you will be willing to do more and more. The lavender art will need only three colors and is very easy to do. So, grab your shades and start.

Painting Two Ways Cactus

When it comes to easy to create succulents, cactus comes first in mind. You won’t have to put in too much work. While doing cactus painting, you will have to use simple methods. And you can utilize the method for recreating other types of watercolor painting.

Cool Painting Ideas: Add Depth Throughout The Paper

For an aspiring artist who has just entered the colorful world of painting, then “depth paintings” are perfect. When you learn about this type of art, you will learn a lot about color values. Also, you will see how depth is making the scene even more impactful and exciting.

Painting Party!

Want to have some fun while you paint? Why not you and your friends throw a painting party? You can simply make some abstract art of various shapes that are easy to make. Like, you guys can make pretty heart painting with the use of acrylics.

Cool Painting Ideas: Recreate City Skyline With Color Splash

If you want to dive into something mesmerizing with your watercolor, start painting the city skylines. It is definitely not your regular coloring but painting the city with lots of colors. As there are no rules, only guidelines, you can paint any town in different variations. You will love it for sure.

Creating Art With Favorite Quote

Are you sitting without a thought of what to paint on your blank canvas? You may not be an artist, but you can create some inspirational art with small quotes easily. Just using simple brush strokes and your favorite quotes, you can make some memorable artwork. And the inspirational quotes will inspire you every day.

10 Cool Painting Ideas For New Artist
Cool Painting Ideas: 10 Awesome Ideas For The New Artist

Cool Painting Ideas: Creating A Herringbone Pattern

You may feel that Herringbone patterns are complicated to finish. But in reality, it’s time-consuming but not challenging. Even as a beginner, you can recreate this type of canvas art if you have patience. Once you learn the technique, you may fall in love with this type of pattern art.

Abstract Painting Any Time

You can find your inspiration anywhere, be it at an art gallery or street. And when you get the inspiration that you are looking for, do not wait for it to pass away. Even if you can’t get all the details, that’s completely okay. You can definitely go for abstract painting as this type of art doesn’t have any rules. Of course, there are tips to make your painting beautiful to hang on your wall for sure.

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