Child Growth Stages- Difference Between Child Growth And Child Development

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There is a great difference between child growth and child development. Growth says about any increase or enlargement. It may be body parts say height and weight. Development tells about the different functions or any changes in activities of a child say changes or improvement in any functioning. Child Growth stages are said in the physical sense and development in the mental sense. If you find any improvement in their working skill then it is said to be developed.

Child Growth stages

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At the time of birth, the child’s weight will be 3.5 kg. Nowadays we can see fewer weight babies were born. Due to advancement in technology no need to worry if so. The newborn infant is helpless at the time of birth. Initially, the child needs mothers caring to grow and nurture further. Initially, the child growth stages start with a newborn and then an infant. The first 0-28 days are said to be newborn infants. At this stage, no matter the mother has to breastfeed to develop immunity and to bring physical and mental growth to the child. In this stage, the Mother needs to give utmost importance and care to the newborn baby. And other family members need to care for and give enough support mentally to the mother. A child’s survival depends upon these 28 days.

Next Three Vital Child Growth Stages

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  • The next stage is from 28 days to 23 months. At this stage, the newborn infant turns into a toddler. Parenting in this stage is very important. The age is almost 2. During this growth stage, you need to more concentrate on colorful items and display to your kid eye. You can include a variety of foods, fruits. Give water also. Prefer food with less salt and sugar. You can add eggs at end of 23 months. When the baby enters 16 months you can start giving crushed solid foods. The growth stages names differ from country to country. In some places when the child reaches 2 years, the growth term is called children. This second stage is very important to observe child development both physically and mentally. Development depends upon the environment also. Have a healthy environment around your kid. Stimulating these environments make your child observe more and that reflects in their activities.
  • The third stage is from 2 to 11 years and is named as children. At this stage, the kid enters into a kinder garden. Observe colors and try to have their age circle friends. Children generally have a desire to collect and store things on their shelves to create, construct something as they like. Interest, activity, games, creativity, discovery, group work are all become part of your kids’ life at this stage.
  • The fourth stage is 12 to 18 years called adolescents. Here you can see a lot of physical development, intellectual, social, emotional development among your kids. They become self-conscious at this stage. A child needs to be handled with the utmost care at this stage also. The thinking level increases. Many changes in physical parts and that can be felt by your child. 

Bottom Line

Though different child growth stages can be seen. One thing that never changes is that Parents always treat them as a kid which has both positive and negative effect.

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