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Of course, everybody loves a sleek-looking and dirt free car. The exterior is the first thing we notice when seeing cars. The paint job creates a big difference in ensuring that your car remains in good condition. Though it is not simple to do your own paintwork, it is not a too tough task either. With the correct skills, the right materials, and preparation, you can do-it-yourself.

Here Are Some Car Painting Tips That You Can Follow For Booming Car Painting.

1. Prepare Space

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It is suggested to prepare for all types of weather so it is best to have a big covered space. If your selected zone is a garage, ensure to check if there are laws that stop you from using particular types of paint or tool, and make sure that you have proper ventilation.

2. Prepare Supplies

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What you will need –





Electrically powered sander

Air compressor


Spray gun

Wet/dry sandpaper

Masking paper

Masking tape

3. Prepare The Car

Ensure that no dirt is hiding in corners and cracks so there will not be paint issues after. Wash the surface after washing with a thinner, acetone, or paint preparation method. Check for corrosion and treat any you get before processing with your paintwork.

4. Strip The Car

Blasting involves material like baking soda, which aids break down the paint and makes it simpler to strip a car. While sanding, you can use five hundred grit sanding block to eliminate paint and make the surface clean and smooth. Opting for manual sanding is the only way to know if there are high and low blemishes on the surface of the car.

5. Defend The Car From Paint

Ensure that the corners are safe so no paint can go underside. You can even get specialized products such as trim masking tape and foam masking tape that are made to protect car trims and door gaps.

6. Primer For The Car

Blend primer for the car yourself by using 1 portion acetone for every 5 portions of paints. Before using a spray gun, test it on a flat surface like cardboard and then apply it to your car.

7. Choosing The Paint

It is up to you what color you want to apply to your car. But keep some factors in your mind, including safety (dark paints are difficult to spot at night), maintenance (which color shows damage and dirt easily), and its impact on temperature (lighter colors tend to stay cooler).

8. Paint Like A Pro

It is necessary to rest the first paint coat until it dries and then apply another coat. Each panel takes around 10 mins to be painted.

9. Check Defects

If you find any stick residue over the car surface, then remove it using a cutting knife that is particularly designed to eliminate paint. If it is heavy damage, simply sand the zone again and re-paint.

10. Finishing

Move the pad constantly and after some rotations, the surface will begin to shine. Always follow safety measures and rest in-between steps and then get a newly painted car.


Car owners get ready to adopt these DIY car painting tips. If the paintwork is done with proper instruction, so it won’t be difficult for you to paint a car yourself. If you have a dirty and damaged car, then must try the given above tips and see the best results.

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