Artist Palette: Help To Paint A Beautiful Drawing

Artist Palette: Help To Paint A Beautiful Drawing

The artist palette is your workshop as a painter. The classic palette is typically a kidney-shaped wooden panel. There is often a hole where you will stick your thumb. You will then spread out your fingers to support the palette from underneath. In the past, these palettes would be seasoned by applying oil to make sure that the surface was smooth and couldn’t be discolored by the paints that you were going to use to it.

You will often see these classic palettes used by professional painters. There are a significant number of painters still prefer the looks, feel, and balance of the traditional painting palette. The classic painting palette is a mark in painting history. The very shape of the classic palette is easily recognizable in today’s modern society, even though it’s often not used any longer. Despite the massive number of painters that prefer the classic palette, they are no longer cost-effective when looking at their current modern competition. It’s for this reason that despite their preference, more painters are using plastic and glass palettes today.

Artist Palette

The glass palette has smooth, rounded edges and is typically backed with white paint. The white paint is there so that you can see the colors when you mix them and have a good idea of what they may look like once they hit the canvas. For the sake of convenience, many will painters will use a disposable palette such as a plastic or metal one. It is effortless to find both glass and disposable palettes from local art suppliers. As a newcomer to an oil painting, you will want to look for a palette that is a minimum of 10 to 14 inches in size.

White Plastic Painting Palette

Artist Palette: Help To Paint A Beautiful Drawing
Artist Palette: Help To Paint A Beautiful Drawing

Experimenting with different DIY palettes at home, before heading to a store is an idea suggested by many prolific painters. Plastic palettes are the painters’ favorite as warm water, and soap washes the acrylic paint away very quickly. A white plastic palette like this is durable and sturdy. It is compatible with all paint types- watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints. So what are you waiting for? Let your inner Picasso go crazy on the canvas.

Product Specifications:

  • Portable for practical and easy to use
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 16.8cm x 16.8cm

Stainless Steel Paint Palette For Acrylic Watercolor Oil Painting

Artist Palette: Help To Paint A Beautiful Drawing
Artist Palette: Help To Paint A Beautiful Drawing
  • You should have the right kind of palette to start with your masterpiece. Your palette should be non-porous to prevent the absorption of oil from the paint. That is why a stainless steel palette is a perfect choice to assist you in your creation. The palette is rustproof and supports acrylic to watercolor. It comes in convenient shapes of Butterfly, Love Heart, Mouse, Square, Semicircle.

Product Specifications-

  • Size:
  • Square With Hole S-115mm x 75mm / L-150mm x 101mm
  • Semicircle S-100mm x 156mm / L-100mm x 159mm
  • Love Heart: 110mm x 97mm
  • Butterfly:105mm x 71mm
  • Mouse:100mm x 106mm
  • Weight:
    • Square With Hole S-70g L-135g
    • Semicircle S-106g/L-120g
    • Love Heart:73g
    • Butterfly:52g
    • Mouse:52g
  • Material: Metal Aluminium
  • Package Content: 1 x Palette

It’s a good idea to wipe your palette clean during the painting process continuously. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to remove dried up oil paint. Keep some alcohol handy so that you can keep the mixing area of your palette clean. Go ahead and Unleash your imagination on the paper.

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