Aesthetic Painting Ideas That Every Artist Should Know For Inspiration

aesthetic painting ideas

Painting is one of the most admired art forms. It is a profession for some people and a hobby for others. Even if one cannot paint still, they would love to see it. If it is a hobby for you or trying to make it a profession out of it, some aesthetic painting ideas can be constructive. Understanding some fundamental painting techniques and styles can help you a lot in your artistic journey. Some basic knowledge of tone, color, texture, brushwork, and composition is necessary before looking for aesthetic painting ideas.

Aesthetic Painting Ideas – Underpainting

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If you are using oils or acrylics, it is suggested to not work from white. It will be better if you create an underpainting in a mix of burnt sienna and phthalo blues or burnt umber. It can help in establishing shadows and values. Acrylics are quick-drying and permanent, so they can be very easy to use. If you are using slow-drying paints, then you should work paint up from thick to thin. You cannot work on the top of wet and heavy paint so use heavier paint at the end. Always have a cloth ready to clean brushes and remove excess paint. It is one of the best aesthetic painting ideas from oil and acrylics paintings.

Blocking in

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Aesthetic painting ideas suggest that you should try every different type of brush. There are a lot of varieties in brushes differing in shapes, sizes, and fiber types. The most versatile ones are synthetic ones because we can use these brushes in many different types of paints. Some brushes are round, and some are flat. Each type works differently. Usually, painters own a wide range of brushes. More extensive, flatter and broader brushes can be used for the early work, and smaller brushes are used at the end of the painting process.

Aesthetic Painting Ideas – Building up texture

While painting always has a dry, flat brush in hand. It can be instrumental in blending your paint and in creating smooth transitions. It is an excellent idea if you like your paintings to have a lot of texture and to see brush mark its work. You can use anything to add texture to your paintings. There are a lot of sources available for texture. Eggshell or sand can be a good idea because it can also add interest to a painting. You can also use an old toothbrush to splatter your art piece with paint. It can be very useful if you want to suggest noise and grain. This is one of the most attractive aesthetic painting ideas.


These aesthetic painting ideas can be very useful for a painting artist no matter if they are beginners or already a professional. Such painting ideas can even be abstract but can give you a lot of inspiration and other perspectives in your ongoing projects. If you are stuck in the non-creative zone, you need to try out something different to take out that block and this could be your resort.

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