Acrylic Painting Styles – Which Style is Best For You

acrylic painting styles

There are many acrylic painting styles that you can choose from when wanting to create a painting. These painting styles provide you with several different options so that you can find the right style to suit your preference and artistic vision for your acrylic art. Here we will discuss some of these various acrylic painting styles.

An Overview

Painting Styles

First there are acrylic paintings that are Known as oil paints. These acrylic painting styles come in either oil or acrylic mediums. Oil acrylic artwork is a great way to create works of art that look very professional, but don’t require the same amount of skill and time as more elaborate works of art. Oil acrylic artwork can be used for almost any acrylic art project that you wish. They do require the skill of an artist to make them look good.

Next there are acrylics that are called semi-gloss paints. These acrylic paints are thick and are often times referred to as oil paints. The great thing about these acrylics is that they are able to look like a fine brush stroke when dry, but still have the ability to be thinned down to give you a thicker acrylic paint. There are two main types of semi-gloss acrylics; they are water resistant and non-water resistant. The type of acrylic paint that you use depends on whether you will be working on a painted or decorated surface.

Common Type 

Painting Styles

Another common type of acrylic painting style is called wet-on-dry. This style of acrylic painting is usually performed on canvases that are already made and have been coated with either latex or acrylic paint. A brush is used to apply the paint to the canvas. The advantage to this style of acrylic painting is that there is no need to wait for the paint to dry as it can be applied directly to the canvas.

A very popular choice amongst acrylic painting styles is called dry-on-dry. This style of acrylic painting is very popular and many artists prefer this type of work. The dry-on-dry method uses a paint roller that has an air compressor attached to the front of it. The air compressor supplies compressed air to the roller to push the paint onto the canvas. You paint directly on the canvas as it dries.


A third common type of acrylic painting styles is called stenciling. This style is similar to stenciling that you see on many bottles of lip gloss. The only difference is that instead of writing on the bottle the artist applies the stencil directly to the canvas. This is the perfect style for someone who does not have much experience in painting. Using stencils is extremely easy and a great way to add some extra style and depth to any painting.

One final style of acrylic painting that is popular among artists is called pop art. This style is similar to abstract painting in that the style is fun and colorful. Pop art works are usually made in the form of charcoal drawings or black and white pictures. They are usually sprayed on fabric and other non-porous surfaces to add color and vibrancy to the artwork.


Once you learn about the different types of acrylic painting there will be less confusion about which style you want to use. If you do decide to use acrylics, make sure you learn about drying techniques and how to apply the paint correctly. Some painters choose to work only with acrylic paints because of these benefits. However, there are also those who prefer to work with oil paints or watercolors. The decision comes down to your own personal preferences and how you like to create your art. Once you have decided on your style, you can then start learning more about the different acrylic painting styles.

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