7 Famous Artwork – Know The Painting That Are Worth Billions

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Different types of mediums and forms of artwork have changed the entire human history, but most of the time, famous artwork falls into one of the following seven classical forms of art. Each different form of famous artwork is experienced differently and affects our emotions and feelings.

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Literature
  • Architecture
  • Cinema
  • Music
  • Theater

Painting – Get Comfortable With Famous Artworks 

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Painting is the foremost thought that comes to any mind when we think of famous artwork. Painting is the most commonly taught artwork in childhood education. Painting is a form of expressing your artistic vision using paints as the primary source. Soo, We have shortlisted 7 most famous artwork of all times from all over the GLOBE.

Mona Lisa

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  • Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Estimated date: 1503 to 1519
  • venue: Louvre Museum (Paris)

We compared dozens of Famous artworks, and among them, the most infamous artwork by Leonardo da Vinci has gained popularity over the centuries. You may have seen the same artwork in your art book also. 

The Last Supper

  • Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Estimated date: 1495 to 1498
  • venue: Santa Maria Delle Grazie (Milan, Italy)

Another famous artwork by the one and only Leonardo da Vinci who you may notice, appears on this list twice among all the artists. 

The Starry Night

  • Artist: Vincent van Gogh
  • Date: 1889
  • venue: Museum of Modern Art (New York City)

The famous abstract painting is the signature artwork of the bold use of thick brushes by Vincent van Gogh. The painting directly strikes blues and yellows, a dreamy, swirling atmosphere. 


  • Artist: Pablo Picasso
  • Date: 1937
  • venue: Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid)

Guernica is the most recent painting on this list of “Famous Artworks.” It reflects the history and ancient times of the warzone. It has a distinctive Picasso style, and it comprises the 20th-century war edition. 

The Kiss

  • Artist: Gustav Klimt
  • Estimated date: 1907 to 1908
  • venue: Upper Belvedere Museum (Vienna, Austria)

Klimt’s artistic influences and passion can be seen in his famous artwork, a life-sized couple in this Famous Artwork. It is famous for its magnetic appeal of love from the heart. 

Girl With A Pearl Earring

  • Artist: Johannes Vermeer
  • Estimated date: 1665
  • venue: Mauritshuis (The Hague, Netherlands)

It may seem like this famous artwork by Johannes Vermeer is a portrait, but it is a painting with utmost simplicity. It has stylistic differences along with an imaginary figure who has exaggerated features. The main focus is the girl with pearl earrings. That’s why there is a dark backdrop behind her. 

The Birth Of Venus

  • Artist: Sandro Botticelli
  • Estimated date: 1485
  • venue: Le Gallerie Degli Uffizi (Florence, Italy)

The oldest and Famous Artwork in this list states a huge figure emerging from the large scallop shell and competes with “The Kiss” for most sensuous artwork. The birth of venus represents the goddess of love. 

Famous Artwork – The Best Visual Representation 

All of the above-mentioned famous artwork is known for their elegance and the true love of representing emotions and feelings.

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