7 Easy And Amazing Pumpkin Painting Ideas

pumpkin painting ideas

Autumn and pumpkins are co-related. Whenever you step into the season, you start thinking of pumpkin dishes, pumpkin decor, and so forth. And when the talk is about Halloween pumpkin decoration, everyone tends to become an artist. This year, celebrate the spooky festival with no-carve pumpkin ideas. Rely on these amazing and easy

Colorful Fish Pumpkin

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How many of you remember fish crafts done in childhood? Relive your childhood days by painting the Halloween pumpkin like a colorful fish. Begin by painting the pumpkin in a sparkly color like pink or blue. Create a mouth using white mini beads and stick the eyes. Make side and back fins using thermocol and attach them using glue. Make sure to color the fins in multiple colors and decorate them with sparkles. For the fish’s body, use glace paper to make scales.

Superhero Pumpkin

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Kids love superheroes and nothing can be a better way to delight them on Halloween than superhero pumpkin painting ideas. Choose your kiddo’s favorite superhero characters and paint them on the pumpkins. Grab some acrylic colors, paintbrushes, and pumpkins and use them to draw superhero characters. If you need character pictures, print and trace them after painting the pumpkins. At last, paint the base of every pumpkin. Remember to use a mini straight edge paintbrush to draw straight lines.

Disney Pumpkin

Just like superheroes, many kids especially girls adore Disney characters. So how about painting Halloween pumpkins in popular Disney characters like Mickey, Minnie, or Donald Duck? Well, this art and craft idea requires only a few colors and shapes. Paint the pumpkins except for the front in black. Draw ears using paper and thermocol and attach them using glue. Using white, pink, and black paint, draw the mouth of the Disney characters. Make sure to attach a red polka dot bow to Minnie’s head.

Whitewash Pumpkin

If you want to decorate your pumpkins effortlessly, then whitewashing them is a great idea. Grab some Jarrahdale pumpkins and whitewash them using off-white acrylic paint and a flat brush. Do not cover the pumpkin with paint entirely but allow the color to streak instead.

Cow Pumpkin

Keeping a cow pumpkin on a heap of grass is a perfect idea when it comes to a less-spooky event. Trace and cut the cow’s nose, ear, and mouth templates on light-brown leather. Use corn husk for forehead and bunny tail grass for horns. Glue the black buttons as the cow’s eyes and black seeds as the nostrils. You don’t need to paint the pumpkin in any color and can leave it in its original color.

Ninja Turtle Pumpkin

Impress the visitors at the Halloween party or thereafter with Ninja turtle pumpkins. Painting the pumpkins in something 3D cartoon characters will allow you to use them as decor even after the party is over. Study Ninja turtle characters or download their images for the perfect finishing. Trace the Ninja eye mask and mouth design, color them, and then paint the rest of the pumpkin in green acrylic paint.

Address Pumpkin

Let your party guests reach their destination with the help of address pumpkins that reveal your home’s address. Depict your location by sticking the state decal on the pumpkin and color the rest in light paint. Take other pumpkins to reveal your house number and other useful information. Make sure to paint the pumpkin first, let it dry, and then paint the numbers. Rely on light-colored acrylic paints such as olive, white, sky blue, light gray, and so on.

Opt for these pumpkin painting ideas for decorating your Halloween pumpkins uniquely!

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