6 Types Of Greek Vase Painting Styles

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For any classical antiquity study, Greek vase painting styles are the best to start with. Figures of decorated pottery are called vases that used to be produced in many regions of ancient Greece. The history of Greek vase painting styles is one of the many branches of classical archaeology that mainly focuses on vessel production. 

Greek vase painting styles didn’t stop at one particular style but have different painting styles with almost every alphabet. And every design was first practiced between the 8th – 3rd centuries BCE. During the 18ty century, the world was attracted by Greek vases coming out from tombs in Italy. That’s why Greek vases are often mistakenly considered to be Etruscan rather than Greek. 

However, let’s not get deep into history; in the end, no one can make better Greek vase painting styles than the Greek itself. So we have brought some best and aesthetic Greek vase painting styles. 

6 Greek Vase Painting Styles

A vase filled with purple flowers and green leaves

Apulian Greek Vase Painting Styles

Apulian vase painting was a regional style from South Italy from ancient Apulia. It comprises red-figured pottery along with geometric pottery. It is the legitimate sequel of the Iron Age to the Neolithic and Bronze Age culture.

Argive Greek Vase Painting Styles

It is the regional style from Greek vase painting styles from the city of Argos. After Athens, Argos was one of the centers of Geometric Vase Painting. It comprises geometric vases with large pictorial panels that contain either men, women, or horses. 

Bilingual Greek Vase Painting Styles

Bilingual Greek vase painting styles are some of the special ancient Greek vase paintings. The term is essentially a metaphorical term derived from linguistics. Greek vase painting styles from Bilingual also describe the transitional period when the black figure was being replaced in the dominance of the red figure. 

Boeotian Greek Vase Painting Styles

Greek vase painting styles of Boeotian was another regional style of ancient Greek. Boeotian vases are decorated with ornaments and figural-painted decorations. The vases are of lesser quality than any other painted vases from other areas. But we’re known for magnificent looks that need to be handled with care. 

Caeretan Hydria Greek Vase Painting Styles

It is among those Greek vase painting styles that belong to the black-figure style. Vases of certain hydria are colorful Greek vases. The geographic origin of these Greek vases is disputed by scholars. However, in recent years, these are again produced in two potter-painters that came from East Greece to Caret. 

East Greek Vase Painting Styles

East Greek vase paintings are produced by eastern Greek vase paintings. Even with the region’s wealth, the pottery remained unremarkable in comparison to any other area. These Greek vase painting styles include red-brown to pink clay that contains mica inclusions. 


A person sitting at a table with a vase of flowers

These are some famous Greek vase painting styles that are still made by traditional potters in Greek. At the present modern time, you will find many of these Greek vase painting styles all around the world. That’s has been transported by travelers who came to Greece to pay their visit.

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