5 Amazing Living Room Painting Ideas With Brown Furniture

Living Room Painting Ideas

If you delve a little into the internet, you are sure to come across plenty of living room painting ideas. However, not everything will suit your living room. It often becomes an arduous task to choose the right painting to go with your living room décor, especially if you love brown furniture!

The best part about brown furniture is that it gives a classy and elegant look to the room. And, who doesn’t want the living room to look stunning! However, you will have to be careful while zeroing in on any of these painting ideas when you have brown furniture. Even though brown furniture compliments most colors, it needs to be carefully chosen to create that exquisite feel. Here are a few fantastic ideas that will undoubtedly add zing to your place! 

Living Room Painting Ideas To Complement Your Brown Furniture

The color of your living room needs to complement the furniture that’s sitting there. Only then will you achieve the stunning look that we so often find in various movies and TV series. Check out these ideas and see which one will go best with your living room. 

Go With Whites

Whites can never go wrong! Doesn’t matter what color furniture you have; if you decide to go with any white shade, it will add to the elegance. When you are trying to achieve a classy and distinct look, white is something you can safely choose. However, don’t opt for the brilliant white! The pearly or ivory shade is best. Add some paintings made in black and white, or some monotone against the white background, and frame it in dark brown or black frames, and you will have a look that will leave every person mesmerized. 

Muted Pastel Tones Are Great 

Living Room Painting Ideas With Pastel Shades
Living Room Painting Ideas With Pastel Shades

When you try to add some color to the living room without compromising with the elegant touch of your brown furniture, the muted pastel tones will work perfectly well. Unless you want a riot of colors, I suggest you go along with the more earthly shades. These shades brilliantly complement the look of the brown furniture. 

Rocky Shades With White Contrast

Have you checked out the looks of the studio apartments? Or that of the furniture stores at various malls? Often they use dual-tone to create sharp lines along with brilliant contrast. Using white and a dark grey tone, much like the rocks, will go perfectly well with your brown wooden furniture. It gives a unique, elegant feel that will set your living room apart from the rest! 

The Brilliance Of Orange

Believe it or not, orange goes brilliantly well with brown, especially the dark brown shade. Orange can create a happy feel, and it goes great in the living room. However, I will suggest you go with the dual-tone at least while opting for orange. Having all walls colored orange might create an oversaturation effect. 

Nature Inspired Tones

Living Room Painting Ideas With Bright Tones
Living Room Painting Ideas With Bright Tones

When in doubt, always go back to nature. Brown is a natural shade, and it goes great when you complement it with natural color tones such as green and blue. Remember the color of the sky and that of the leaves. Use pastel shades if you want to work on the elegance. These will all complement the brown shade brilliantly. 

However, you will have to be particularly careful while choosing bright tones, such as red or pink. I will ask you to stay as far away from these tones as possible. Red brings out the dark brown shade undertone but does little to benefit when the brown is of a lighter shade. The pick used to be in trend in the 90’s, but it’s best not to go with it today. 

So, get going and create a living room you will love to spend your day in. 

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